Town Prepares For Henri

Town officials and residents are nervously monitoring Henri. The hurricane/tropical storm continues to head this way, though its path remains uncertain.

The National Weather Service issued a Tropical Storm Warning for Westport. Impacts expected tomorrow include high winds, heavy rain, flooding and power outages..

The Westport Emergency Management team will update residents regularly.  They anticipate heavy rainfall, flooding, high winds, coastal flooding, and power outages.

1st Selectman Jim Marpe said yesterday:

“Our Public Works Department is making sure its equipment is at the ready, storm drains are cleared, and any obstructions that might be in creeks and waterways are cleared,.

“The Police and Fire departments are making sure that they have the manpower on call to respond. The Human Services Department is making sure that its list of people who may be vulnerable from a medical standpoint is up to date, and that our first responders are aware of those locations.”


One response to “Town Prepares For Henri

  1. Let’s see if last year’s Eversource public hearings/shaming will have had any effect whatsoever at this year’s August event.
    Will they contract/roll bucket trucks from NC/ME/etc in advance, or wait ’till sometime next week?
    We’ll also see if there’s been improvement in the usual 3-step:
    1. Eversource rolls truck to check line’s de-energized.
    2. DPW clears street so EverS. truck can roll again.
    3. Eversource rolls truck to re-establish service to street/house.

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