Sandbags Available At Transfer Station Until 4:30 Today

Sandbags are available until 4:30 pm  today (Saturday) at the transfer station, on the Sherwood Island Connector.

There is a limit of 10 per person. Town residents and town employees are eligible, as are store and restaurant owners.

Sandbags lined Main Street after Superstorm Sandy, in 2012.

3 responses to “Sandbags Available At Transfer Station Until 4:30 Today

  1. Bob Weingarten

    Kudo to the town and especially the town employees who helped put sand into the bags. Also for helping senior citizens, like ourselves, for loading them into our cars. Great job to all the Westport employees.

  2. Bob Weingarten

    Oh, forgot to thank you Dan. We were food shopping when I saw your note about the sand distribution on my phone. We stopped, went to the town transfer station, got our sand and then went back to food shopping. So thanks again and hopefully others did what we did. There were lots of people at the transfer station.

  3. Cristina Negrin

    Yup, Main Street always floods. A good heads up. This storm is a biggy,
    Stay safe Westport!