Friday Flashback #258

Last month, our Friday Flashback paid homage to Troop G. The story noted that for decades, our State Police barracks sat opposite both a gay bar (Brook Café) and a strip club (Krazy Vin’s).

Over the years, I’ve posted several photos of the Brook. But until this shot of Krazy Vin’s popped up on Facebook — courtesy of Paul Ehrismann, who has a treasure trove of great, long-ago images — I could never find one of its “companion” bar, across Cedar Road on the Post Road. (It’s been replaced by a new building. Today it’s Earth Animal.)

Sure, it’s from Krazy Vin’s final days. But you have to love the self-referentially ironic signs advertising its demise.

(Photo courtesy of Paul Ehrismann)

I’m still searching for interior shots of either the Brook or Krazy Vin’s. If you have any, please send them along.

I promise to blur out any faces.

7 responses to “Friday Flashback #258

  1. I think that was Ann Suburban’s bar. I was in Ann Suburban’s a few times, and I think it was in the late 1960s or early 1970s. Ann used to sit at the bar and get guys to buy her drinks. She knew how to use guys! Old lonely guys would sit there buying her drinks all night, as she sat there nursing one drink and the cash register went ‘cha-ching.

  2. I don’t understand Barbara’s comment.

  3. confused as well — why would you ‘report this to the school’????

    • Barbara Sherburne '67

      Back in 1975 it would not have gone over too well for the headmaster of a private school to be seen there and drunk as well.

  4. You might have seen many of us there as The Brook had the first “cafe permit” in town which allowed it to stay open an hour later than the usual nightly closing hours. In 74-75ish this came in handy for us 20 somethings. A few years later as a Westport cop I worked the door there countless times, The owners (Paul and Joe Kish) treated us like gold as did Elsie the female bartender and the rest of the staff. Those were some fun days and there are some pretty funny stories. Saw plenty of folks there that I knew and I really never cared or thought about their personal preferences.

  5. Please note that my comment above has been heavily edited as I was responding to a couple of comments that have been removed, and I certainly understand why they have been removed. I just don’t want anyone thinking that I have had a….

  6. I had my bachelor’s party at Vin’s. There are NOT, nor will there be any photos. :^)

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