Pic Of The Day #1581

Peaceful Evergreen Parkway (Photo/Mark Mathias)

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  1. You probably could have taken the same picture in 1958.

  2. Jack, can you elaborate on your comment please? I hope you meant it as a compliment since it’s a charming classic house that is still so beautiful.

    • Laura, It’s not only a complement, it’s a wish. I grew up in Westport in the 1950s and it brings back fond memories! I wish I could go back for one day!


  4. That’s my house!!!! Great picture Mark Mathias-thank you!

  5. Patrick D., Eastin

    I remember Evergreen Parkway well. Our house was on Evergreen Avenue just down the street.

  6. Farmhouses and cape cod houses…that’s my Westport! I have a picture of my father riding on a horse in 1936 and Old Road was a dirt road.

  7. Lovely house on a pretty street. There aren’t many of those originals left (I live in one around the corner). Enjoy it now because it a few months, the town will once again rip up the streets in the neighborhood to put in a sewer line (unnecessary, IMO). It’s only been a few years since the streets were destroyed for a year for a gas line, then repaved two years later. Oh, and the water company was around today talking about doing “test holes” since, apparently, the water main goes back and forth across some of the streets rather than in a straight line. It’s gonna be a mess for a few years, not to mention the noise factor. Progress, I guess. Expensive progress. But it keeps the DPW in business.

  8. My uncle, Adolph Backiel, remembered, as a kid, around 1912, delivering milk with my grandfather in a horse and wagon. He attended Adams Academy before Greens Farms School was built.

  9. TY Carol for a nod to my Mom, Janet Vaast. Growing up in that neighborhood was a blast and holds so many memories! There was always someone to play with and lots of unstructured outdoor time! Great picture to refresh all those happy times! Pat Workman

  10. I fully agree Pat Workman-my girls, now 28&29, always went out the door after school and had a group of friends to play with. I made many life long friends as well!

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