Little Dumpling House Fills Big Hole

There’s a new Asian restaurant in town.

But if you’re thinking Little Kitchen, Kawa Ni, Wa-Fu, Jeera Thai, Sakura, Tengda: Think again.

Little Dumpling House fills a special niche. 

Here to tell you about it is CTbites. Connecticut’s go-to restaurant/foodie blog reports:

The team that brought you the uber popular Grammies Donuts + Biscuits is back with another crave-worthy ghost kitchen concept, Little Dumpling House. For those unfamiliar with the notion of a “ghost kitchen,” it simply means there is no dining space. Guests can order online and either get their meals delivered or picked up. In this case, it’s Asian to-go.

Little Dumpling House is the brainchild of owners, Charlie Gilhuly and Molly Healey, but their Asian inspired playlist is all Healey’s handiwork. The menu at Little Dumpling is small but very well executed, and also quite nicely priced. Healey wanted to create healthy clean flavorful Asian cuisine with something for everyone (including the kids), and they have delivered on that promise.


With a name like Little Dumpling House, of course there are dumplings. These come in the form of Shu Mai (pork or chicken), Potstickers (pan fried or Szechuan style), and fried Rangoon with Crab, Mushroom or Caramelized Onions. The Rangoon are prepared in the traditional style, deep fried and filled with cream cheese and the above assorted goodies. No complaints from these taste testers. These are all darn good.


A walk through the APPS section will land you in some delicious Mushroom Fried Rice, Charred Sesame Broccoli with a nice garlic-y kick, a few well composed salads as well as Cold Soba Noodles and Sunomono.

Moving on to KATSU’s which come in the traditional chicken or pork variety, this family was a huge fan of their Chicken Katsu. Picture two gorgeous thick white meat chicken breasts, panko crusted and served with a cabbage salad and seasoned rice. We also really enjoyed several of their “Sushi Bowls”, boasting proteins served over rice including very well seasoned Bluefin Tuna, Scallops, or an uber-delicate Hamachi.

For all those Peking Duck lovers out there, Little Dumpling has their version of this traditional dish, with tender duck and homemade plum sauce.


A late breaking addition to the menu, Little Dumpling House now offers a Family Dinner meal kit that serves four and includes: 2 Kids Boxes with Chicken Katsu, 2 chicken dumplings, fried rice, donut holes and fruit, Crunchy Cabbage Salad, Bluefin Tuna Sushi Bowl, Caramelized Onion Rangoon (6 pcs), Chicken Potstickers (4 pcs), and Chinese Five Spice Donut Holes. All this for $55…not a bad deal. They are also offering a Date Night kit with a 3 course meal for two including: Sunumono, Bluefin Tuna Sushi Bowl, Hamachi Sushi Bowl, Pork Shumai (4 pcs), Crispy Duck Buns, and Matcha Cronut.

Whether you’re ordering a meal kit or dining a la carte, don’t forget the incredibly delicious Five Spice Donut Holes found on the dessert menu. These are a must order, and create some nice synergy with Grammies, alongside the Matcha Cronuts.


Little Dumpling House is available for takeout through their web site. Guests can order online 24/7 and schedule a pickup Thursday to Sunday between 4 and 9 p.m. Pickups for desired time slots will be limited on a first come first serve basis. Delivery will be coming soon.

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2 responses to “Little Dumpling House Fills Big Hole

  1. Kathleen Fazio

    The food is amazing!! Molly has done it again! She was also the genius chef who started Manna Toast. I know how particular she is about quality ingredients and responsible sourcing. I have eaten my weight in dumplings and rangoon. FYI Molly is one of our own- Westport raised. We are lucky to have her back making Westport delicious!

  2. Jill GReenberg

    Just curious, anyone know what the takeout containers are made of?