Choose Westport. Find Space. Get A Job.

Choose Westport — the “economic opportunity website” targeting small businesses, entrepreneurs and other professionals in the tri-state region who may want to open in or relocate here — went live last month.

It’s added several new features since the rollout. One of the best: a list of available commercial real estate, with photos and details. Nearly 100 locations are there now, ranging from office buildings and shopping plazas in Saugatuck and downtown, and on the Post Road, to Joey’s by the Shore.

Want to buy the Joey’s property? Check it out via Choose Westport. (Photo/Patricia McMahon)

Meanwhile, the “Find Local Jobs” tab offers links to both private and municipal work.

Right now — according to Choose Westport (via Indeed) — there are 536 positions available. They range from servers and bussers at Walrus Alley ($20 to $50 an hour) to cosmetician, medical office front desk coordinator, store clerks and Mitchells tailor.

There are also 9 jobs with the town of Westport. They include administrative assistant, custodian, nurse, parks superintendent and part-time fire dispatcher.

Choose Westport is a robust website. Let’s hope it becomes a go-to resource for businesses seeking pace — and anyone who wants to work anywhere in town.

4 responses to “Choose Westport. Find Space. Get A Job.

  1. I would LOVE to have our company in Westport. We create online learning and video for enterprise tech companies. The reality is that at $30 – $50 sq. foot or more, it’s simply unjustifiable. Since we’re B2B with clientele worldwide Westport provides no advantage except the fancy address and better places to eat lunch.

    So we’ll wave from Bridgeport and hope for a windfall.

    Great site, though and great effort. If anyone knows of 600-1,000 sq feet of space at an affordable monthly price in Westport– reach out!

  2. Fred Roberts

    Does that mean that Joey’s is closing?

  3. If there’s a $50 an hour job at Walrus, it has to be “including tips,” and should so state, ’cause tips ain’t to something on which to depend.