Sam’s Surprise

Like many Westporters, Sam Gusick had a great camp experience growing up.

Starting at 8 years old he went to Kenwood & Evergreen, brother-sister camps in New Hampshire.

Like many former campers, the 2019 Staples high School graduate dreamed of the day he could return as a counselor. His dream came true. He worked there for 2 years, and expected to be a counselor again last summer. But COVID canceled camp.

This year, he planned to return. But — now a computer engineering student at the University of Vermont — is spending this summer in Burlington. He’s got an offer to be a tech intern, and is also doing food prep in a restaurant.

But he cooked up a surprise.

His sister Sydney (a rising Staples senior) and brother Cooper (Bedford Middle School 8th grader) are at Kenwood & Evergreen.

In early July, Sam started plotting. With the help of camp staff, he planned to work as a counselor for 9 days.

Sure, it’s not the whole summer. But it was enough to thrill his siblings.

Last week, Sam took the Vermonter train. By early afternoon, he was at camp.

The brother-and-sister camp is still his happy place. And — judging from the photo and video below — his brother and sister were just as happy too.

Sydney, Cooper and Sam Gusick.


5 responses to “Sam’s Surprise

  1. Diane Johnson

    Well, that’s darling! 😊

  2. Danielle Dobin

    Parenting goals right here! How incredibly sweet to see all this love. Well done, Gusick Family!

  3. Laurie Crouse

    Love this story about such a great family.
    Just loved the video. Sibling love❤️

  4. Susan Hopkins

    If this doesn’t make one’s day, I don’t know what will. I can readily attest to the ties that bind. My brother, two years my senior, and I are lifelong best friends, 71 and 73 respectively. We text and/or speak daily. It’s about one thing and one thing only: ♥️

    Well done, Gusick Family!

  5. Love this story! Sibling love is so important!