Funny Pretty Nice

The last thing downtown Westport needs is another women’s clothing store.

But since we’ve got one more, at least it’s different. Funny Pretty Nice is not — as you can tell from the name — a cookie-cutter chain. It’s small: There’s only one other (in SoHo).

And it’s filled with vintage clothing. Nothing frou frou there!

Funny Pretty Nice opened a few days ago, between GG & Joe’s and Talbots, off the Parker Harding Plaza parking lot. Besides women’s (vintage!) clothing, they carry accessories, jewelry, housewares and shoes.

Founder Natalia Spotts worked at vintage stores all her life. In 2018 the Parsons School of Design alum started selling a collection of clothing out of her apartment. That led to a website, then a brick-and-mortar store.

And now, a second one.

Natalia Spotts sports her vintage clothing.

Natalia wants to bring the same energy to Westport that she nurtures in New York. This is a great area, she says, to “make vintage and sustainable fashion more widespread.”

Stella Spotts — Natalia’s younger sister, and a Columbia University graduate — manages both stores. Last week, she showed actress Olivia Rodrigo around the SoHo space.

Next up: Funny Pretty Nice’s own sustainable clothing line. Natalia promises “lots of fun prints, colors and matching sets.”

3 responses to “Funny Pretty Nice


    For the longest time I thought our town has too many banks and nail salons. And probably too many women’s clothing well. But we don’t lack
    for enterprenurial folks ready to spend hard earned savings to fulfill a dream.
    You’ve gotta wish them well.

  2. Celeste Champagne

    Welcome to this new entrepreneur in Westport. And there can never be too many women’s clothing stores in my book! We’ve lost more than we’ve gained over the past few years, i.e. Ann Taylor, Chico’s, Banana Republic, etc.

  3. So excited to have a vintage clothing store in downtown.
    Wishing them much success.

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