Unsung Hero #200

With big parties out during our past year of isolation, Westporters celebrated special occasions with big lawn signs.

In-person celebrations are back in. But the lawn sign trend continues.

After Wesporter Jodi Rosnick Ross created a “Mazal Tov” sign for her son’s bar mitzvah in May, she had an idea: spread congratulations to others.

The sign.

Through a local social media page on Facebook, Jodi offered her sign to anyone else with an upcoming celebration.

Responses poured in. Bonnie Marcus was the “winner.” But after her own event, she wanted to share the sign with as many people as possible. She suggested writing the name and date of each celebration on the back of the first letter, to show how many lives it’s touched.

The celebrations.

Since May the sign has been to 6 parties in Westport. Bonnie wants to keep the chain of congrats growing. It’s eco-friendly, she says, and a great way to build community.

(NOTE: “Mazal Tov” — an acknowledgment of good fortune — has already been used for graduations as well as bar mitzvahs. The sky’s the limit.)

The sign is already reserved for a celebration at the end of August. But who wants it next? Click “Comments” below. Bonnie will pass the “moving Mazal Tov” sign on to whoever needs it.

2 responses to “Unsung Hero #200

  1. A. David Wunsch

    This hardly needs saying : in Hebrew “mazal ” or “mazel ” means luck
    while “tov” means good. ADW Staples 1956

  2. Barbara Greenspan

    How fabulous!!!