Dems, Reps Set November Slates

The candidates for November’s local elections are set.

Meeting electronically last night, both parties endorsed slates with great enthusiasm, and little debate.

State Representative Jonathan Steinberg and Board of Education chair Candice Savin were nominated for 1st and 2nd Selectman, respectively. Steinberg was endorsed by the Democratic Town Committee’s Nominating Committee, which interviewed 5 potential candidates. His vote was 57 for, 2 against and 1 abstention.

The Democrats also nominated incumbents Danielle Dobin, Michael Cammeyer and Neil Cohn for the Planning & Zoning Commission; Kevin Christie and Christina Torres for the Board of Education; incumbents Lee Caney and Brian Stern for the Board of Finance; Josh Newman and Amy Wistreich for the Zoning Board of Appeal, and Ifeseyi Gayle and incumber Lynette Pineda for the Board of Assessment Appeals.

In an acknowledgment of recent controversy, several DTC members — including Steinberg, nominating chair Andrew Nevas and Rob Simmelkjaer — spoke of the need for unity and cohesion.

Steinberg accepted the nomination promising a return to Westport values, closing with a commitment to “Westport, better than ever.”

Jen Tooker — current 2nd selectwoman — leads the Republican ticket, for 1st selectman. Her running mate is Board of Finance vice chair Andrea Moore.

The GOP also nominated Robert Harrington, Dorie Hordon and incumbent vice chair Karen Kleine for the Board of Education; Michael Keller for the Board of Finance; former Planning & Zoning Commission member Jack Whittle for that office, and incumbent Joe Sledge for the Board of Assessment Appeals.

“We are absolutely delighted with our strong slate of candidates,” said RTC nominating committee chair Jim Foster.

“I am convinced  Westport’s future will remain bright. Our candidates understand the challenges and  opportunities facing Westport, and they are the best prepared, most qualified public servants to  lead us forward.”

The election — which includes all 36 non-partisan Representative Town Meeting positions — is November 2.

2 responses to “Dems, Reps Set November Slates

  1. Darcy Hicks

    What kind of leader is Jonathan Steinberg? Here’s a story of when I found out for myself: When my son was 14, he became concerned with the conditions in the CT State Prison system. Unbeknownst to me, he emailed State Rep Steinberg asking him to go visit a solitary confinement cell. When my son told me about his email, I applauded him for his activism but prepared him for the probability that State Rep Steinberg was busy and not to expect a response. To my surprise, two days later my son received an email from Jonathan – a lengthy report of his visit – which he’d done after a day of meetings in Hartford, before heading home.
    It’s not that he paid attention to my son that won me over (although I’m eternally grateful that my son’s first interaction with a politician was not only positive but empowering) – it’s that this was a non-voting kid from his town who felt emotional about something, and needed someone in power to listen to him. And Jonathan Steinberg listened. No fanfare, no ribbon cutting, no photo ops. Just the appreciation of a Westport kid who needed him to listen. That is when I realized who Jonathan is, and since then I am proud to say he has become a friend. And I know that he will be First Selectman for everyone.

  2. Wish they would forget their party line politics, become public servants for some of the time and make real progress and outcomes on local iisues and needs. Well I can dream can’t I !