Judge Approves Westport/Hiawatha Settlement

A 157-unit development on Hiawatha Lane is now one step closer to reality.

Earlier today, Judge Marshall Berger of Hartford Superior Court approved an agreement between the town of Westport and Summit Saugatuck, developer of the project off Saugatuck Avenue by I-95 Exit 17.

Testimony in the virtual public hearing was offered by Carolanne Curry for Save Old Saugatuck and Gloria Gouveia, a Westport resident and friend of SOS.

Both urged Judge Berger to visit the site before ruling on the stipulated agreement — the subject of a recent appeal to the Representative Town Meeting by opponents of the project.

Berger replied that neither the attorneys for the town of Westport nor counsel for Summit had requested that he do so.

Artist’s rendering of one of the buildings at the Hiawatha Lane development.

Curry also raised the issue of continuing and worsening flood events. During recent storms, access to Hiawatha Lane Extension was cut off at its intersection with Hiawatha Lane.

Berger dismissed concerns about flooding, saying they were the purview of the town’s land use agencies governing the development.

The next step: Summit will submit revised plans for the project. It has been reduced from 187 units, to 157.

Further litigation may loom, however, over deed restrictions on the property.

19 responses to “Judge Approves Westport/Hiawatha Settlement

  1. Matthew Mandell

    I did not watch the show, just reading this report. But for the judge to say flooding was the purview of the land use agency, when 8-30g makes it impossible for them to say no due to flooding, pretty much sums up this situation.

  2. Jack Backiel

    Gloria Gouveia,Is the best!

  3. John D McCarthy

    “Berger dismissed concerns about flooding, saying they were the purview of the town’s land use agencies governing the development.”

    Hilarious, in a Kafkaesque way.

  4. Absolutely outrageous… I reside on Riverside Avenue and I can set a clock every day that’s when the 4 way intersection of Rt33 and the post road become backed up In all 4 directions making for a very challenging situation. Everyone “blocks the box” and it will result in an accident if not worse. I am already challenged by the traffic in town on a pretty much daily basis. This is not a sound or positive action for the town.

  5. I wonder why the attorney for Westport never requested the judge visit the site? Specifically the intersection of Saugatuck Ave. and West Ferry Lane. The entrance to my driveway is larger than that intersection.

  6. Wendy Cusick

    Ground water is my concern
    The Indian River runs right through the area.
    There’s a high water table and wetland.
    Where is that ground water going to go when this is built?
    It’s going to get displaced somewhere, possibly affecting exit 17, the railroad tracks, railroad parking and Rt 136
    Now factor in the whole drinking water, sewage system and rain run off the for the whole building….
    By the way, are they air lifting the building materials onto the site? It’s quite a narrow swing for a flatbed tractor trailer.

  7. Hartford always has an axe to grind with Westport. Westport should secede and join Westchester that wants out of NY. Bingo, the great state of Fairchester! The Honorable Dan Woog, Governor.

    • Michael Calise

      I Agree and The First appointment should be Deej Webb as Poet Laureate and Historian!

  8. Kathleen Brady

    What I can’t understand is why Westport is putting in apartments in every nook and cranny of this town!!! We are not a city!!! We are a town!! Westport can not handle anymore traffic. Already you can’t drive around the town during the day – there is way too much traffic. Why is all of this being approved?? I feel that the leaders of Westport are more concerned about money than keeping the integrity of the town!! We need to vote in different leaders.

    • Wendy Cusick

      Darien, New Canaan and Fairfield are towns and they have a bunch of new apartment.
      There’s new development brewing in Wilton.

  9. Cristina Negrin

    More apartment buildings and condo projects (land use is discounted) is making it it clear that the current infostructure isn’t ready for the population increase. Neither are the schools so while the town is raking in more taxes our schools will need trillions in improvement so our taxes will go up . No good reason for this circus of development, income, and eventually some version of urban recovery. Not my Westport

  10. No thought here for the people who live in the town, let alone an established and historic neighborhood, that’s pretty clear. Is there an “amicus curae” to stand with Carolanne and Gloria and the people who have cause to be distressed by being so essentially ignored?

    Field visits to sites like this should be required, at least at the request of any party with a legitimate interest in the matter.

  11. Deborah Friedman

    Am I the only one who read Kim Healy’s campaign emails when she recently ran for senate? She provided information that shows that Hartford’s goal is to take planning and zoning away from our lovely towns, and allow more multiple family housing.



  12. Jack Backiel

    How about selling T-Shirts that day “ Don’t Berger My Westport.”

    • Jack Backiel

      Let’s try this again. How about selling T-Shirts that say “ Don’t Berger My Westport.”

  13. James McDonald

    This is a truly reckless and ruthless application of “The Law” . A terrible and ignorant of the facts decision by a puppet judge.

  14. Have to agree with Wendy Cusick. And, well, with the moon wobbling rather than whirling along as it USUALLY does, ANYTHING on the shoreline will be in danger of flooding. I have been warning folks since 1967 or 1968, once we reach the environmental point of no return, the Earth will go through some rather obnoxious phases. One being HIGHER Full MOON tides for the next 9.3 year. Then for ANOTHER 9.3 years, higher DAILY high tides. THEN, it will return to SOME semblance of normal. That means that we either have to create more Dune Projects like the rebuilding of the beach sand dunes nin Provincetown Massachusetts, or we will have to build higher, darker sea walls next to the beach and build the homes further OFF of the beach, even ACROSS the street from the beach. Leaving folks who live there with a Marsh for a front yard, rather than an overcome beachfront. I love that area, but haven’t really been back since BPRSC moved to The Newman’s Theatre in Downtown Westport. Loved working for them as a Stage Manager, but returned to California AND worked in NYC and Las Vegas. Good luck with it…just realize, that is ALSO a built up boggy bottom area with ancient burials and widlife that you do not find elsewhere, and MANY filtration systems will need to be installed as well as septic tanks.

  15. It’s a sewage and runoff nightmare in there. Plus who would want to live with train and i-95 noise on their doorstep. You can’t mute those. I thought the Nature Preserve was in there.

  16. Biden is trying to do to zoning nation-wide what Hartford has done with 8-30g. But hey 74% of the people here in Westport voted for Joe. Take a look for yourself – https://joebiden.com/housing/ – in particular the goal to “Eliminate local and state housing regulations that perpetuate discrimination.” In other words single family lots and such.