“06880” Party: The Pics

After one rainout, and then a COVID cancellation, the “06880” community was ready to party.

I did the hard thing (picked the most beautiful night of the summer) and the easy one (put out the word for people to come).

You guys did the rest.

Over 150 “06880” readers gathered at South Beach last night for our annual “blog party.”

The crowd was young …

Ann Sheffer with her grandson.

… and old(ish).

Dan Woog (left) and Miggs Burroughs. (Photo/Patrick Kennedy)

It included folks who grew up here in the 1940s, and a couple who moved here in April.

There were politicians, and normal human beings.

There were Westporters with beach stickers, and Westonites, Norwalkers and Fairfielders who got rides, walked from nearby friends’ houses, or paid the full boat at the gate to get in.

(Photo/Robin Tauck)

Everyone brought food, soda, beer and wine (no glass bottles, though!).

The Westport Garden Club even brought decorations. Their #FridayFlowers were a day early, but “06880” was honored to be this week’s recipient.

Yours truly, with a gorgeous Westport Garden Club arrangement. (Photo/Dennis Jackson)

People chatted with old friends, and made new ones. They ate and laughed. They luxuriated in a beautiful, pre-pandemic community gathering, at one of the most beautiful spots in town. They watched the sun go down. Some stayed until long after dark.

(Photo/Isabelle Alvarado)

Thanks to all who came to our party, and made it such a fantastic evening.

If you weren’t there: See you in 2022!

17 responses to ““06880” Party: The Pics

  1. Jan Carpenter

    Having been one of the very few who tried to attend 2 years ago (in the pouring rain), I am happy to say this we better than that. In fact, it may have been the best one yet. Seriously – more people than I ever remember. Thanks for a lovely evening and for all you do, Dan!

  2. Todd Freeman

    Wish we could have attended! Thanks again Dan, for all you do for the community…

  3. So sorry to have missed this great event! You’ve helped to create and bring together the most wonderful community, Dan

  4. Karen Amaru

    Dan, last night was fantastic. I saw old friends and made some new ones. Thank you for organizing!

  5. Larry Langer

    You’re the best Dan. Thanks for al you do for all. of us

  6. Patricia McMahon

    What Larry Langer said…!!!
    Wonderful gathering Dan

  7. Bobbie Herman

    It was a wonderful party. The best ever! I haven’t seen so many smiles in a long time. I met old friends and made new ones, and I’m looking forward to the one in 2022. Thanks so much for doing this, Dan. As I’ve often said, you’re the glue that holds Westport together — even for us ex-pats.

  8. Thanks, Dan – every time I join in one of your shindigs, at first I don’t recognize anyone and should probably keep walking. Within a few minutes, I’ve either bumped into old friends or someone just walks up and introduces themselves and I’ve made a new friend – an extraordinary “vibe” that is no small part of your contribution to our community.

  9. Thanks to everyone for the kind words. As I said, all I did was put out the call. Everyone else made it happen. And yes, there were tons of smiles all around. So great to see!

  10. Michael Calise

    Congratulations on a great party Dan! It was great to see everyone and a fun time!

  11. Steph Armstrong

    It was our first 06880 party in our first months in Westport – what a good time!

  12. Perfect summer night weather! congrats on another successful year.
    ….and thanks for all you do!
    what? No musical interlude at the end of this blog post?

  13. Rozanne Gates

    Great night, Dan and everyone. Saw some folks I haven’t seen in a long time. Shoutout to Kim Cooper. Thank you Dan for bringing us all together. Looking forward to 2022! And I met Matt from the New England Hemp Farm.

  14. This was the first time we attended the Blog Party … we had a great time reconnecting with many people from our different social pods: the Y, Westport Historical, cultural and artistic folks. And making new friends was a treat! What a nice way to say hello after many months of Covid shut-down! Thank you, Dan for getting us all together!

  15. Looks amazing. Sorry to have missed it. Love your work Dan congrats to all your success. BTW the cookies look amazing! What kind were they?