Need A Ride To The “06880” Party? Or Can You Offer One?

Several readers would love to come to Thursday night’s “06880” party. But they don’t have beach stickers.

As much as they like a good time, they’ve decided it’s not worth the daily parking fee. Can’t say I blame ’em.

Uber is one alternative. Here’s another:

  • If you need a ride, email me: Tell me where you’re coming from (geographically, not metaphysically).
  • If you can offer a ride, email me: Tell me where you can meet people (your home, or someplace neutral).

I’ll do my best to connect riders and drivers — privately, of course. No guarantees.

But it’s just one more way in which “06880” is “where Westport meets the world.”

One way to get to the “06880” blog party. There are others.

5 responses to “Need A Ride To The “06880” Party? Or Can You Offer One?

  1. Patricia McMahon

    If any of your readers that don’t have a beach sticker and need a place to park and walk down to your designated area, be happy to supply a reserve spot for 2 vehicles in our driveway here at Compo beach . Limited space , but if you need a place to park reach out .

    • Patricia,
      I have a place to park my car, but wanted to reach out, touched by your thoughtfulness and generosity.
      Thank you for being kind in spirit.

  2. Prill Boyle ‘72

    Are you sure we out-of-towers can’t just tell the people at the guardhouse that we’re here for the 06880 party?