Ladybug, Ladybug …

Sushene and Tom Swenson moved to Westport last year. Sushene writes:

I find so much joy in having a backyard, after nearly 2 decades in the city.

Our yard is landscaped beautifully (by prior tenants). Wildflowers surround our back deck, which is covered in tomatoes, peppers, celery, herbs and flowers.

Some of our plants seemed to be suffering from an aphid infestation, though. After research, we figured out that we could purchase ladybugs to eat the aphids.

We bought over 1,000 ladybugs, which came in the mail from Amazon (who’d have thought!). We released them in the evening, when they would settle onto the plants for the night because of the cooler temperature.

Ladybugs at work …

They went to work, and seemed to eat every aphid they could find. Within days our plants thrived again, and have doubled in size.

These little guys ultimately flew off to live their lives elsewhere, but some remain in our garden. I love finding them from time to time. This one made my heart swell, as he slept in the center of this flower.

… and at rest. (Photos/Sushene Swenson)

2 responses to “Ladybug, Ladybug …

  1. Joyce Barnhart

    Sushene, I’d have thought you would call call the critter on the flower “her”, it being a lady bug and all. Have you noticed the amazing “baby” ladybugs? They look like black and red dragons and eat other bugs, too.

  2. Dick Seclow

    Famished squadrons of birds made a half-hour feast of my awaited ladybugs.