Outpost Pizza Out For A While

When Outpost Pizza opened in November, the main challenge was starting during a pandemic.

Owners now face a new challenge.

Last night, a driver plowed into the side of the building, located across Canal Street from Hudson Malone restaurant.

It’s hard to envision how that could have happened — given the angle of the road — but this was the scene this morning:

(Photo/Miggs Burroughs)

Westport Police say there were no injuries. They are investigating the cause.

The Westport Fire Department was on the scene too. They checked the building for structural integrity, and deemed it safe for nearby businesses to open.

(Photo/Gary Shure)

17 responses to “Outpost Pizza Out For A While

  1. Pat Saviano

    Wow. Hard to imagine how that happened unless it was a medical emergency or someone was incredibly drunk! Glad there were no injuries.

  2. Kathie Bennewitz

    This is awful and unbelievable scale of damage. I agree with Pat’s thoughts on the drive–how in the world?!? I feel so bad for them. We have been going there to support our local neighborhood business and the pizza is so good. I hope there is insurance coverage to get them back on their feet and open.

  3. Sandra Rothenberg

    Was there a few days ago picking up pizza. Couple of kids were sitting on the curb in front of cars parked & pulling in. I was afraid for them!!!!
    The parking is too close to the sidewalk.
    Unfortunately it’s that way at new lovely ‘The Porch.’

  4. Phil Bancroft

    Was anyone apprehended?

    • Not yet. i would have included that information.

      • Hi. So this was an evading responsibly (hit and run) case???

        • K.F. Spearen

          Part of the vehicle were on the side of the building when I saw it at 9Am today .. Headlight housing and front license plate

      • Tom Anderson

        I have noticed that drivers impatient with the light careen across the parking area to get to Canal Street. They don’t always slow down.

        • I wouldn’t be so sure it’s the light. I’ve seen many slam on their brakes when they realize it’s the parking lot, not the road. It can be confusing to drivers who don’t drive there regularly.

          • John D McCarthy

            White Claw and Corona probably ly didn’t help. Cans of both visible on the floor of the truck as shown on Westport Local Press.

  5. Bruce Fernie SHS 1970

    Who is old enough to remember the horror when that idiot didn’t stop and drove into Carvel? Thank goodness this didn’t have that horrible outcome.

  6. Jennie Pickering

    ram raiding the pizza shop?

  7. Dr. Brad Oren

    If you think “ how could this happen,???” drive by there after dark and see if you find it easy to make out the right hand turn vs. the parking lot. I have more than once seen drivers pull into the parking lot and slam on their brakes when they realize it’s the parking lot, not the road. The lighting and signage are poor.

  8. Mary J Ludovicy

    Our Old Community Cleaners. WOW what a shame, glad no one was hurt!

  9. Honestly I think it was the bear

  10. Lord, what a mess. It’s indeed a tricky turn for people unfamiliar with it, but still. Drugs or alcohol have to have been a contributing factor, together with criminal negligence.