Jeff Scher’s Very, Very, Very Fine Video

Westporters of a certain age remember Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young’s “Our House.”

It’s a very, very, very hummable song about a “very, very, very fine house.”

It’s also 50 years old.

To celebrate the golden anniversary of its golden oldie album, “Déjà Vu” — and, of course, to promote a deluxe re-release of the original, complete with demos, outtakes, alternate takes and perhaps flowers in the vase you bought today —  Warner Music commissioned Jeff Scher to create an animated version.

He was a Staples High School sophomore when “Our House” floated onto record players across America. Now he’s a filmmaker/animator, working in a Cross Highway studio a few steps from his house.

Which, interestingly, is now the house of “Our House.”

Scher says:

Graham Nash wrote the song for Joni Mitchell in 1969. The house was her Laurel Canyon home where they lived at the time.

While it’s a very fine house, it didn’t quite fit the needs of animation, which was to read instantly as a kind of icon for anybody’s house. So after a dozen attempts, I realized that our house could be that house.

What could be more universal than a Federal style farmhouse? And the minute I started cutting it out, it felt right.

Jeff Scher has created a very, very, very fine video.

To go along with his — well, you know — house.

BONUS CUT: The video was animated by hand using cut paper, on black felt under a camera with a traditional animation stand. The style of cut paper was inspired by former Weston graphic designer Paul Rand, who often used it in his work.

7 responses to “Jeff Scher’s Very, Very, Very Fine Video

  1. Fred Cantor

    Jeff is obviously very talented and has had a lot of success with his work. Just curious: were there any teachers at Staples who perhaps had an impact in any way in terms of what he has ultimately pursued? Thanks.

  2. Sandra Rothenberg

    Beautiful animated video!!! Thanks for sharing!!

  3. Beautiful! Thank you Dan for sharing this video

  4. Linda Pomerantz Novis

    Beautiful video, Beautiful song!

    Thanks,Dan! 🙂

  5. Patricia McMahon

    Just wonderful !!!

  6. Stephen M Axthelm

    Hello again Jeff! Jeff and I were connected at Crossroads Films, a production company in NYC in the 90’s. He has always been a great artist and I loved our occasional but excellent interactions. Jeff, please share the film you made that included a drive through Longshore. And please find me on Facebook or at

  7. Stephen M Axthelm

    And this piece is wonderful. Thank you.