How Staples’ Garden Grows

There’s a lot of space in front of Staples High School.

There’s room for dozens of buses. For hundreds of students to enter the building at once.

And room for a brand new garden.

The area in front of the art department — on the left side, facing the entrance — has been transformed into a beautiful, friendly and ecologically important space.

Members of the Science National Honor Society and Club Green spent a Saturday last month weeding, and planting native plants donated by Aspetuck Land Trust.

The garden is part of the Pollinator Pathways Project. Begun in 2017, the goal is to  establish pollinator-friendly habitat and food sources for bees, butterflies, hummingbirds and other pollinating insects and wildlife along a series of continuous corridors.

The project was led by Teagan Smith — a recently graduated senior, and longtime super Wakeman Town Farm volunteer, with guidance from Alice Ely, WTF gardens chair and science teacher Cecilia Duffy.

The next time you’re at Staples, check it out. Then thank Teagan and fellow students Charlotte Barnes, Olivia Bernard, Tanvi Gorre, Christina Meehan and Ashley Sarelli.

Staples science teacher Cecilia Duffy spotted her first monarch caterpillar of the year, on a common milkweed. It was just a couple days old. (Photos/Cecilia Duffy)

3 responses to “How Staples’ Garden Grows

  1. This is a fantastic and necessary project! We are in such great need of more native plant gardens that support more pollinators, beneficial insects and birds. Big thanks to environmental superstar Teagan Smith and her fellow students, as well as Alice and Cecilia. Gardens like this make a huge difference. Let’s all go native!

  2. Ellen Dale Naftalin

    How beautiful. I’ve been growing clover in my yard for years. It requires no extra watering and thrives in sun and shade. No work, no pesticides. It gets mowed every three weeks which gives it a chance to flower. Spreads fast. The bees love it.

  3. Joyce Bottone

    What a wonderful idea. A shout out to all this involved. Thank you