Services Set For Layla Malon

Willowbrook Cemetery says:

Layla Kim Ngân Malon, age 7, of Westport, died on June 17.

Born in Danbury, she was the beloved daughter of Eric Malon of Westport and the late Tracy Do.

Layla Malon

Layla was a student at Coleytown Elementary School. She possessed a sweetness that captivated people. She brought smiles, laughter, and happiness to all around her.

She loved and admired her big sister Alexis, and was her daddy’s little girl. Layla found great delight in her collection of stuffed animals.

In addition to her father, she will be lovingly remembered by her sister Alexis, as well as several aunts, uncles, cousins and other family members.

Calling hours are Wednesday (June 23) from 4 to 8 p.m. in the Lesko & Polke Funeral Home (1209 Post Road, Fairfield).

Layla’s committal service takes place Friday (June 25, 10:30 a.m., Willowbrook Cemetery, Westport).

The Malon family requests contributions in Layla’s memory to Mental Health Connecticut, 61 South Main Street, Suite 100, West Hartford, CT 06107.

To leave condolences, send flowers or plant a tree in Layla’s memory, click here.

20 responses to “Services Set For Layla Malon

  1. Jack Backiel

    Heart wrenching to see a 7 year old die!!

  2. Elina Lublinsky

    May this sweet angel’s memory be a blessing.
    Thank you so much for the opportunity to donate.
    Much strength and love to the whole family.

  3. Jack DeWitt

    Ridiculous and insulting comment C peters

    • Jack Backiel

      I thought Dan has a rule that everyone must use their real names when they comment. With that said, I agree with Jack DeWitt’s comment.

  4. Jim Wheeler

    Your statement is insensitive and uncalled for C peters

  5. Jack Backiel

    I just sent an e-mail to Dan to remove c peters’ comments because one needs to display their names on 06880.

  6. Enough. Stop it. No more comments, C. Peters, please.

    • Fine. Then use the money given to you (by me) , to your blog, and plant a tree for this little girl. It’s about $200 CDN.

      • For the record, I have not received any contribution from a “C. Peters.”

        • Joanna Triscari

          Layla’s mom Tracy was one of the most caring, generous souls I have had an honor of knowing. What happened behind those closed doors to push her pass her breaking point and into such despair as to take hers and her daughter’s life is unimaginable.

    • Tracy was a loving mom. And before they separated, A faithful partner. What happened last Thursday defies all reason. I cannot imagine what could ever ever drive anybody to hurt their sweet precious daughter.
      I have no doubt it is not a simple answer.
      And one we may never have an answer for. I’m sure somebody knows !
      But Tracy if only we had seen it coming, and had got you the support you needed.
      As Dan mentioned or somebody did in a previous article.. you never know what’s happening behind closed doors..
      and that is so true.
      There are so many regrets and heartbreak here for Layla, for Alexis.
      And most of all guilt for those of us that didn’t realize this might ever be a possibility or fathom what might have come next.
      She must have been beyond traumatized to have done what she did..

  7. Jennie Pickering

    I just wrote to Dan about setting up a GoFundMe for Alexis. I will write with update, unless someone knows of one set up ?? Jennie G Pickering

  8. Jack Backiel


  9. RIP baby girl, I didn’t get a chance to meet you but your momma was one of my bridesmaids and she was a beautiful girl to me – so very sad

  10. Andrew Colabella

    I’m happy I missed the negative comments. I hope a lot of people did. This is not a time, nor is there ever for negative comments where someone dies whether untimely or not.

    A young girl will grow up without her little sister and her mother. That morning will always play out in her head. The, “could’ve, would’ve, should’ve,” and “ifs,” and blame to go with it. She left home and everyone was alive, she comes back home and discovers her mother dead at the door not knowing about her sister. The entire incident is tragic and will leave permanent emotional and mental scaring for the family and first responders who entered that house.

    Rather than being combative and negative, how about embracing and helping? Random acts of kindness go really far…even just listening.

    There’s roughly 10,000 homes in Westport. All have very unique and pretty yards with gardens and front doors. That beauty we see could all be a facade for something going on beyond that border.

  11. Jack Backiel

    Andrew.. I liked your comment. I have a little thing I do every day where the opportunity presents itself. I try to complement someone every day, whether it be the barrista at Starbucks, or someone I happen to be interacting with.

  12. Jack Backiel

    Here’s today’s complement. Dan Woog is a special human being. I never met him, but I feel I know him from the eight years I’ve been following his blog. 33 years as a teacher and 25+ years dealing with the public in multiple businesses In Westport has made me a good judge of character!

    • Thank you, Jack! And right back at ya. I look forward to meeting you live and in person at our July 15 party. And I certainly remember the Backiels’ businesses in Westport. Your family helped make the town what it is.

  13. Amy Unikewicz

    We also knew Tracy as a caring mother and kind friend—always with a smile. She was a talented confectioner and created the most delicious macarons—which she often gifted to neighbors—and our family were huge fans. When baking, she often had excess yolks and would turn them into delectable lemon curd—which I found as a surprise on my doorstep numerous times (because she knew that my daughter loved lemon curd). Layla was a bright, sweet and beautiful child and we will always remember her dancing, spinning and singing “Let It Go” from Frozen in her sparkling blue dress (a video Tracy shared with me after we gave Layla some of my daughters’ dress-up items). And Alexis is a close friend and classmate of my daughter. We saw Tracy and took smiling family photos of each other at last week’s graduation ceremony—the day prior—with not even a hint of the deep, dark pain that she must have been experiencing. This tragedy has left us all shocked and gutted with such heavy hearts. There is no possible way to make sense of it all. Our hearts go out to Alexis, as does our love, kindness, and support.

  14. I wanted to thank the people who have given testament to Layla’s mom Tracy. There has been so little shared about her and it is obviously so easy to vilify her, understandably, for these events. But as a woman and mother, I can only imagine the depth of her suffering and pain to do such horrific and tragic things. She deserves to be remembered too. She sounds like a beautiful person and loving mother who was navigating unfathomable distress. May they both Rest In Peace.