Photo Challenge #338

Terrain is a joy to look at.

The garden store/home decor shop/cafe/restaurant (and much much more) is a verdant spot on the Post Road, a lush counterpart to the strip malls next door and across the street.

(Their neglect of the old wooden building between Terrain and the fire station is another story entirely.)

But there’s more to Terrain than meets the eye. Or, more exactly, there’s more when you look up at the exterior of the former car dealership.

The wall is filled with flower pots. They form quite a pattern. JC Martin captured them for last week’s Photo Challenge. (Click here to see.)

Elaine Marino, Paloma Bima, Susan Iseman, Andrew Colabella, Jonathan McClure, Shirlee Gordon, Molly Alger, Joelle Malec, Nancy Axthelm, Patricia McMahon, Seth Braunstein, Julie Shapiro and Martha Spiegel all correctly identified the spot.

(It was obviously not, as one readerthought, a mausoleum wall at Willowbrook cemetery.)

This week’s Photo Challenge comes from Seth Schachter. Most Westporters have passed by this at least occasionally — sometimes daily. Yet how many of us really see it?

If you know were in Westport you’d find this, click “Comments” below.

(Photo/Seth Schachter)



7 responses to “Photo Challenge #338

  1. Looks like the gate going from Willow Walk to Staples?

  2. Andrew Colabella

    Looks like the gate on the secondary entrance and exit for Staples.

  3. Jonathan McClure

    Door in fence for access to willow walk rd along Staples driveway to parking lot

  4. Jack Backiel

    Elmstead St. maybe.. it’s the small street that connects South Turkey Hill and South Morningside Dr. with one house on the street and a barn. This is a long shot.

  5. Janine Scotti

    Playhouse square cut through

  6. Once again, my hat is off to “06880” readers. This is indeed the door in the fence that allows access from the secondary (south) entrance to Staples High School, to Willow Walk. i guess enough people sit in enough traffic to notice it.

  7. Susie Swanson Milllette, Staples '58

    Different subject! Tomorrow June 21st is Mariette Hartley’s birthday. Staples grad 1957 and Hurlbutt grad 1954.. All that talent an WIT. I will never forget.