La Fenice Rises Downtown

The weather’s getting hot. School is (almost) out. Time for gelato!

La Fenice opened this morning, at 49 Main Street.

Like its sister locations in Greenwich and Rye, this La Fenice — “the phoenix” — sells a great assortment of gelati. All fruit is sourced locally.

The gelato bar …

The menu includes pastries, cookies, coffee and paninis.

… and the pastry case.

All 3 La Fenices are owned by Salvatore Scuro and his wife Simona Silvestri. They came to the US in 2010, from Italy.

Now — like a phoenix — their newest gelateria is rising from what was formerly Lucky Brand.

Lucky for all of us.

Seating in the front, by Main Street …

… and the rear, near Parker Harding Plaza.

10 responses to “La Fenice Rises Downtown

  1. Ilene Mirkine

    Ooh, exciting to hear! Tried calling for their hours – ‘hoping that it’s open late-ish for post beach gelato runs in the summer! Greenwich open til 7:30, hoping this is a bit later.

  2. if “La Fenices” means “The Phoenix,” why the hell don’t they just call it The Phoenix?

    • Because they’re Italian, and gelato is Italian, and they’re keeping an Italian theme throughout their gelateria. Just like restaurants have names like Finalmente and Chez Pierre.

      • Yeah, I do get it, Dan. Just think it a bit over the top for an ice cream joint.

  3. Susan Iseman

    Looks perfect

    • MaryAnn Meyer

      Che bel negozio!!

    • Sasha Morgan

      Looks alright I guess. But I am really looking forward to the opening of Cold Fusion Gelato up the street! I have been to their store in Newport, Rhode Island and the interior design is just as fantastic as the gelato.

  4. Tracy Flood

    This place looks fantastic!!!!

  5. Werner Liepolt

    ¡ Congratulazioni!
    I hope you are part of the much needed Renaissance of downtown. I just picked up one of my paintings from the annual downtown Art in the Windows then drove back through Westport’s downtown. The contrast is astonishing: in New Canaan crowds of Fathers Day brunchers; in Westport a few pedestrians. Booming village vs virtual ghost town.

  6. Last night we tried Cold Fusion and we were NOT IMPRESSED at all and will not be returning. Flavors are very bland and boring. If you know anything about gelato you will definitely be disappointed! Tonight we tried La Fenice, took one lick of our cones and looked at each other and said, this is gelato! 🙂 We will definitely be frequenting La Fenice!