CLARIFICATION: Steinberg Running For 1st Selectman — Not Official Dem Selection Yet

“06880” reported this morning that the field is set for the selectman’s race this fall.

In fact, while Jonathan Steinberg and Candice Savin have filed documents with the town clerk to run, the formal nominating process has not yet taken place.

The Democratic Town Committee caucus will occur in the last week of July. At that meeting there will be recommendations from the Nominating Committee for the selectman’s race, and others.

But other candidates may be nominated from the floor. The officially endorsed candidate will be made by a vote of DTC members at that meeting.


2 responses to “CLARIFICATION: Steinberg Running For 1st Selectman — Not Official Dem Selection Yet

  1. Rozanne Gates

    Jonathan is ready and oh so capable of leading this town as its First Selectman. His integrity, his love of Westport, his knowledge of both local and state government will serve this community extremely well. We are lucky to have as smart and caring a man as Jonathan Steinberg wanting to run this town.

  2. Daryl Styner(-Presley)

    I’m still waiting for the movie theatre that Johnathan Steinberg promised to bring back to Westport nearly a decade ago! If he can’t even produce a Community priority expressed way back when, what would make anyone believe any of his campaign goals or promises now? He’s all talk, trendy hype, without the skills to put all his “bluster” into action or acomplishment.