Coming Soon: Paul Lane Field?

The Staples High School soccer field honors Albie Loeffler. The field hockey turf next to it is named for Jinny Parker. Last month, the track was dedicated to Laddie Lawrence.

What’s missing?

Paul Lane.

If a group of former athletes and fans have their way, the football field will soon bear a new name.

That would be fitting. Lane — now 93 — was not only the Wreckers’ longtime football coach. He also headed the track program. In the 1960s, one of his runners was a young Laddie Lawrence.

Paul Lane, by the Staples High School football trophy case.

A petition circulating throughout town says:

Paul Lane has served his community for as long as he has been alive.

His leadership, skills and determination has demonstrated that the dreams and abilities he has instilled on others, ripple through the world.

We have many coaches in our town, but no one other then Paul Lane is called, “Coach.” Paul Lane is a patriarch of coaches, the father of Staples High School sports, who laid the rails for Wreckers football and it’s legacy of success known throughout the Northeast.

The Staples High School football field may soon be named for Paul Lane.

Paul Lane’s biggest win was against Stamford Catholic High School in 1967, beating them 8-0 and crushing their 30 game winning streak.

Paul Lane not only served this community by being a coach and second father to many of his athletes, but also served his country in the Korean War, stationed in Germany.

Football wasn’t the only sport he coached and won state championships in, Paul Lane also coached Staples Boys Track and Staples Girl’s Golf teams.

30 years of coaching, Paul Lane would later on coach American Football in England and Italy.

Coach Paul Lane can be found everyday at his home on Soundview where he has been for decades, surrounded by his four children, ten grandchildren and seven great grandchildren.

Paul Lane is staple to Staples and this community and should be honored with his name, added to the Fifth Lane of the track as proposed by Laddie Lawrence who was coached by Paul Lane too.

The petition can be signed here. It will be presented to the Board of Education at this Monday’s meeting. It would go next to the Representative Town Meeting.

9 responses to “Coming Soon: Paul Lane Field?

  1. Pegeen Gaherin

    What a great & deserved honor for Coach Lane! We all loved him on and off the field.

    Westport was the best town in the world to grow up in…

    Pegeen Gaherin
    Staples 72

  2. Jane Minion

    Allocates for his example of service, excellence, kindness to all whose lives he concurs to touch.
    Honor his life, lived by example

  3. Charles Haberstroh

    The request for the naming of the field is on the agenda of the Parks and Rec Commission meeting this coming Wednesday.

    Charlie Haberstroh
    Parks and Recreation Commission

  4. Fred Cantor

    I signed the petition and have all along embraced the idea of naming our athletic facilities in honor of coaching legends—and having the celebrations while they are alive to share in it.

    But couldn’t we do the same with other parts of the Staples campus—even for iconic Staples figures who are no longer with us?

    I’m not sure exactly how the current Staples building is configured but, if there is a section where all the English classes are held, could it be named for Karl Decker? If there is no section, what about an individual classroom?

    And what about the theaters at Staples? Or the music rehearsal spaces?

    Aren’t these legendary instructors also deserving of the type of honor we have bestowed on our coaches?

  5. Charles Haberstroh

    Fred, the naming of parts of the school buildings is up to the BOE. Different than the process for the fields.

    • Fred Cantor

      When we did the naming of the soccer field for Albie Loeffler in the 1990s, we had to go the Board of Ed in addition to the RTM if I remember correctly. In fact, I believe we had to have a new policy put in place for the matter to even be considered.

      In any case, however the process is done now, it seems to me there has to be support from Staples alums first. And I suppose there needs to be a sense that the current Staples administration is open to the idea. Thanks.

  6. Brian MacDonald

    His name absolutely belongs on that field. By extension
    ,everyone who played for him at Staples can share their own little slice of his legacy.
    I also ran track for Laddie and my opinion is similar.
    Laddie was a young man when he was our coach and he ran with us almost every day!
    Brian MacDonald
    Football co-captain, class of ‘72

  7. Michael J Krein

    Paul Lane is far too long in coming..HE is Staples athletics and deserves the name on the Field lights, Scoreboard and just a little gravy, on the track as well!!!