Unsung Heroes #193

When COVID struck in March 2020, the Westport Weston Family YMCA shut down.

It reopened — very tentatively — 3 months later. Every area and program — fitness center, yoga, gymnastics, childcare — had rules. The staff followed them diligently.

The strictest regulations were in the pool. Swimmers had to sign up online 3 days ahead of time. Slots were limited to 45 minutes or an hour; there were restrictions too on the number of swimmers per lane.

In between each 45- or 60-minute session, surfaces — benches, hooks for towels, even handrails — had to be wiped down.

I’m a swimmer. For the past year, those daily workouts have been my physical — and mental — salvation.

I’ve watched the Y lifeguard in action, every day. They’ve been outstanding.

They’re diligent with their cleaning. They’re warm and welcoming to every swimmer. They’ve been patient, kind and helpful.

They helped create a nice community at the pool, at a time we desperately needed one.

A small part of the big Westport Y pool. The lifeguards have it all covered.

Yesterday, the swimming restrictions were lifted. The pool is (almost) back to normal.

Today, I give a shoutout to the Westport Y lifeguards. To Brian and his crew: Thank you. You’re “06880”‘s Heroes of the Week.

And you earned it without having to save anyone.

SPECIAL CITATION: Here’s a shout-out to the Y’s member services team too. Whether greeting guests at the front desk, working behind the scenes to solve a problem (the reservations system was sometimes glitchy), or helping someone make sense of the constantly changing regulations, they’ve been outstanding too.

And they never stopped smiling.

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3 responses to “Unsung Heroes #193

  1. Brook Porter

    Couldn’t agree more. As a swimmer and Aqua Fitter, I can’t say enough about the professionalism – and friendliness – of the lifeguards. I have always felt safe with them watching over the pool, and they handled the Covid restrictions masterfully.

    Ditto the membership services team. It was a tough year, and they handled it all with remarkable grace.

    Thank you, Y!

  2. Sandra Long

    YAY for the Westport YMCA staff. The lifeguards have worked so hard and kept things safe for us. They do a wonderful job along with the amazing Aquafit instructor team.

    The front desk staff is also outstanding.

    We couldn’t be back at the pool without all these friendly, helpful, and talented folks – and this has meant the world to so many of us.

  3. Laura Kelley

    Thanks to all the Y lifeguards for helping us find some lane space during challenges of Covid. Special shout out to Hani and Brian!