Friday Flashback #246

Westport’s Memorial Day parade is a small-town classic. And photos like this are classic too:

Mimi Rossell Wolfe posted it to social media the other day.

It’s from 1967 or ’68, she says. Her mother was the Cub Scout leader.

Over half a century later, some things have changed. Traffic on Main Street is one-way (and the parade no longer takes that route). The Mobil station is Vineyard Vines. Sport Mart is — I forget.

But crowds still line the sidewalks. Cub Scouts still march. (A few) kids still ride their bikes.

See you at Monday’s parade. Be sure to take photos, to post on whatever replaces social media in 2075 or ’76.

3 responses to “Friday Flashback #246

  1. Jeanne V. Reed

    When I marched in the parade as a Brownie, Girl Scout, Mariner in the 1950s
    I had a cheering section all along the way because my father would drive to a new spot and my family would pop up in the crowd here and there all along the parade route.

  2. June Vreeland Maier

    I remember marching with the Brownies of Saugatuck ES and Girl Scouts of Bedford ES in the late 40s and early 50s. Still have my pins and badges and one school picture wearing Brownie uniform dress! Troop # 29 or 92 if anyone remembers. I’m 78 and a grandmother to 2 former Girl and Boy Scouts in California.

  3. Bill Scheffler

    Isn’t the old Sport Mart location now Douglas Cosmetics?