Hook’d. Snagg’d?

“06880” reported at noon that Hook’d — the new Compo Beach concessionaire — would open today.

That’s what they told at least 2 readers yesterday.

But early this afternoon, the only thing they served beachgoers was a pair of locked doors.

The scene yesterday at Hook’d … (Photo/Dinkin Fotografix)

Two weeks ago, a local content provider (not me!) emailed Hook’d. He offered to interview them, for a video story to promote their business.

They replied brusquely: “Check in with us when we’re open.”

Yesterday, he was at the beach. The doors were open.

He walked in, and repeated his offer to create digital content. Matter-of-factly — without great thanks — a woman said, “We’re open tomorrow.”

The media guy went back today. The doors were locked. There was no signage. Several hopeful customers milled around outside, equally mystified and miffed.

… and today.

The content provider checked social media. Nothing there either.

He wants to give them a chance. He’ll go back tomorrow. His offer to help — with free publicity — still stands.

Yet as Westporters gear up for a (near) normal summer — and the weather today is gorgeous — Hook’d is not off to an auspicious start.

5 responses to “Hook’d. Snagg’d?

  1. Jill Turner Odice

    Out of curiosity I read the reviews of their other place and they were really negative…tiny portions with huge prices, too bad for beach goers this summer…They do not sound very nice to work for either according to somebody who worked for them at their other location…How sad.

  2. Sal liccione

    We heard they will be open by may 31 I would ask Dan woog to contact Jen fava or parks and Rec committee and and jim Marpe asap

  3. Hi Dan;

    My name is Nadine I’m the general manager here at Hook’d . I’m so sorry for your experience, we have been in gear working hard to open and be of service to the Westport community. We are now open with a fantastic menu I’m inviting you to come and visit with us, our wonderful staff is ready to serve. I personally have been on the boardwalk since opening and inviting passers by to have a look and enjoy a bite. I hope to see you soon. Hook’d is most definitely worth the wait we are very proud of what we have achieved.

  4. Peter Jennings Talbot

    The people encountered sound quite lovely and excited to be ready to serve and be a part of the community…NOT

    • James Waldron

      Why bash a small business who are clearly trying to ramp up and contribute to the beach? Do you make all of your life’s decisions based on blog comments? You come across as pretentious. Give them a chance.

      Good luck Nadine.