Petitioners Ask RTM To Review Hiawatha Lane Settlement

One week after the Planning & Zoning Commission agreed to a settlement with Summit Saugatuck — allowing a scaled-down 157-unit housing development to be built on Hiawatha Lane (off Saugatuck Avenue adjacent to I-95 Exit 17). seemingly ending 18 years of proposals and litigation — there is a new twist.

Earlier this afternoon — one day ahead of the filing deadline — a petition signed by over 60 electors was delivered to the town clerk. Lead petitioner Gloria Gouveia and Save Old Saugatuck leader Carolanne Curry presented the signatures.

If Town Clerk Jeffrey Dunkerton ascertains that there are at least 20 valid signatures, the petition will be forwarded to the Representative Town Meeting, as provided by the Town Charter. A public hearing would follow.

The RTM has 30 days from today to hear and decide the petition.

3 responses to “Petitioners Ask RTM To Review Hiawatha Lane Settlement

  1. Cristina Negrin

    Amen! Westport roads, schools, and beaches don’t need the population increase these projects over the past 5 years are creating. Wake up Westport

  2. Ciara Webster

    As I understand it, a successful attempt to overturn or in any way alter this agreement on Hiawatha, not only means we will get Hiawatha anyway but also 15 other similar or bigger projects. That is apparantly a fact.
    After it was agreed to last week, I did some homework as I too was disappointed that it was becoming a reality. I also live in the neighborhood.
    But the reality is that it’s Hiawatha or many Hiawathas all over the town.
    We need to trust our P&Z that they did their very best on this as it allows us keep the moratorium.
    So Like it or not the facts are

    Hiawatha is happening regardless
    And 15 others will be following it if the decision of last week is altered or changed.
    So my vote is we suck it up.

  3. Carolanne Curry

    Suck it up???? 15 others????
    Ciara, you are drinking the Kool Aid
    Just another deception by “attorney “ Hollister for the Summit destruction team.