The Great Lakes Of Westport

The other day, “06880” noted that the Westport Library parking lot is being repaved. Swimmers — er, readers — all over town hope this means the end of the lakes that form whenever it drizzles.

But as alert — and sopping wet — reader John Richers points out, the library is not the only place in town where a life vest is as important as a seat belt.

On Monday he sent a photo of one of the 2 major lakes at Compo Beach. You may not remember that it rained — it did, a bit, Sunday night — but this was the scene hours later:

(Photo/John Richers)

That’s the loop road heading toward South Beach and the kayak launch, with Ned Dimes Marina off to the right.

To get there, you first have to navigate the enormous lake between the guard houses on the entrance road.

“Have you ever ridden your bike into Compo the day after it rains?” John asks.

“Probably not!” he answers himself. “Me neither. Instead of doing the loop inside Compo, I don’t bother turning in to the beach on days like today.

“Today I was not as daunted though since I was driving my SUV. Still, it always feels sketchy plowing slowly through a body of water of undetermined depth.”

Compo Beach entrance, after a February 2020 rain. (Photo/Patricia McMahon)

But there’s hope!

On Wednesday — 2 days later — a crew was at work paving the road by the kayaks. Fingers crossed this will be all that’s needed.

Paving in progress. (Photo/John Richers)

Compo Beach is not the only rough spot to ride by the water.

“Don’t get me started on the abominable condition of Hillspoint Road between South Compo and Greens Farms Road,” John says.

But he’s just getting started.

“This segment of Hillspoint remains a work in progress as Rondano & Company continue to mess around with water mains on behalf of Aquarion. If you’ve driven or (God forbid!) ridden your bike along this stretch over the past 6 months, you know it feels like driving through the South Bronx in the mid-’70s.  Here’s hoping for a swift wrap-up and an immediate resurfacing.”

Fingers crossed. But when John asked someone working on the project how much work remains, he was told that right now they’re smoothing rough patches. Final re-paving may not happen until after the summer, because the current work needs to settle first.

There is one waterside bright spot. Unfortunately, it’s not in Westport.

“Have you ridden along Pequot Avenue from Southport Beach to the Pequot Library since they resurfaced?” he wonders.


5 responses to “The Great Lakes Of Westport

  1. Wendy McKeon

    John Richers…I don’t know you but you read my mind…not once but every time I have driven along Hillspoint this spring…Timing is everything in life and that road surely is traveled extensively in spring/summer by all of us residents who are blessed to live here in Westport.
    Why wasn’t this work completed…or scheduled to be completed… by this time of year? Not only is it inconvenient but also dangerous as we manuever around workers, trucks, cyclists on the narrow bumpy stretch…
    We all can only hope and pray that when this project is completed that Hillspoint will be COMPLETELY PAVED…not patched…
    John…thanks for bringing this concern to light!

  2. Rindy Higgins

    One reason besides sinking roads or poor paving is that we have become a paving society. The roadway at the beach would be better off being a dirt road, letting rain water run off or seep naturally.

  3. Dick Lowenstein

    It’s not just the swimmers who will [happily] miss the library lake, it’s also the unsuspecting ice “skaters” when the lake froze. And for them, it has never been a sport, but a risk…not only a personal risk, but to the Town, too, which would be liable for any slide and skip accidents.

  4. Fred Roberts

    I like how the freshly repaved section of Main St between Avery Pl and Myrtle Ave is already being dug up for a sewer project. It’s not like it is an outside company that owns the sewer. The sewer is owned and maintained by the town, so, shouldn’t they have known it was going to be replaced before they paved it a year or so ago? Seems like a waste. Especially since Main St where all the shops are, still hasn’t been paved years after the sidewalks and curbs were replaced. I guess people forgot about all the tires that get cut on those curbs.

  5. The 1st picture brought back summer childhood memories😊 Hasn’t that area next to the marina been kind of lake-ish on & off for a long time? I remember rainy day 1970s Beach School pick ups @ the craft shed & the road being under water then🤔