Roundup: ALS, Wine Corks …



MoCA Westport is very punny. The art space on Newtown Turnpike says:

“Bark your calendar to join other canines and their companions to sniff and schmooze at MoCA Westport’s New Yappy Hour! Our new community event will take place on the 1st Thursday of every month, from June – September.

“Haute hounds can lap up libations, thanks to water in their favorite flavor – bacon, chicken, beef or vegan – while human guests relax with a glass of Mutt Lynch Unleashed Chardonnay, Merlot Over and Play Dead, Chateau d’Og Cabernet Sauvignon or a refreshing cocktail featuring tequila, vodka, or gin. Beer selections are also available for purchase.”

MoCA members (and dogs) receive their first drink free — and other benefits.

Admission is free and open to the public. No reservation required. For more information, click here.


Last September, “06880” reported on Jon Maddock’s battle with Lou Gehrig’s Disease.

May is ALS Awareness Month. His sister Judy reports that nearly 3 years after his diagnosis, the 1973 Staples High School graduate is participating in a platform drug trial at Massachusetts General Hospital.

“Jon remains positive, knowing eventually drugs will slow ALS down to manageable, and someday a cure,” Judy says. “He is trying to be around when that happens. He and his family expect to be a part of that future. He’s doing his part to help find a cure.”

You can help too. Just click here to donate.

Jon Maddock in 2019. September 2019. The armband covered a PICC line used for infusions.


Isabelle Breen writes:

“My friend Katie Augustyn told me pre-COVID that she collects corks to recycle in Stamford. I started to collect them to add my stash to hers, then thought nothing more about it.

“With all the wine consumption in Westport, there are surely lots of corks. I wonder how to put out the word that Westport would benefit from having its own collection partners. Maybe a liquor store wants to take this project on?

“There is a shipping cost to the partner, but perhaps they could collect a nominal fee ($1) with each bag dropped off to defray their cost.

“Westport’s composting program has taken off remarkably well. This could be  another successful step toward helping our environment.”

Any takers? If you’re interested in this idea, click “Comments” below.


Today’s “Westport … Naturally” photo #1 : an Earthplace duck….

(Photo/Abby Gordon-Tolan)

… and #2: 5-day-old robin fledglings:

(Photo/Betty Auber)


And finally … Mary Wells was born today in 1943. She died in 1992, at 49, of cancer. Her longtime friend and former collaborator, Smokey Robinson, delivered a eulogy.

8 responses to “Roundup: ALS, Wine Corks …

  1. Mark Yurkiw

    I’m curious about the corks recycling.
    Why do they recycle corks separately and what do they do with them?

  2. Lisa Marriott

    Earthplace does recycle corks – you can drop off with them, they have a container (outside) to collect them.

    Where can I take my hard-to-recycle items that aren’t accepted in regular curbside recycling?
    A: Earthplace now accepts items such as Brita water filters, corks, and batteries. Drop them off in the boxes just inside our front door. All recyclables should be clean and dry.

  3. Melissa Crouch Chang

    Natural (non-synthetic) corks can go in the compost already.

  4. Katie Augustyn

    Here is a link with more info – Cork is a valuable resource that can be reused in many other products besides wine corks.

  5. Jonathan Maddock

    That Jon Maddock guy is a hunk! Wow!! ;^)

    Here’s a link to the Platform Trial information I’m taking part in:

    I hear his sister Judy is a great artist and a person of great compassion. That is the truth, even if my line of this comment was tongue in cheek.

  6. Tammy Barry

    Thanks for writing about this Dan. I just spoke to Main Street Pharmacy in Bridgeport-they also collect used wine corks– some are recycled into soles of shoes! Cork is hard to find so it is an important recycling idea. They are located at 2117 Boston Ave and are open 9-6 Monday through Friday, Saturday 9-3.

  7. Joan Tricarico

    Total Wine In Norwalk takes the corks to either recycle or donate to an artist that uses them for his artwork