Unsung Hero #190

The other day, Katherine Calise posted a question on social media. She needed someone to clean her grill.

Steve Carpentieri responded: A. Morales & Son. In addition to grills, they clean dryer, heater and air conditioning vents and ducts.

Miguel Morales came right over. He checked out the grill — and said it did not need cleaning.

Miguel Morales

“It’s so unusual these days to come across such a wonderful, honest person,” Kathleen says.

She’s not the only one who thinks that. When she posted about her experience on the same Facebook page, many others chimed in with praise. He’s well known — and well-liked — for good reason.

Last year, Chris and Eva Trefz wrote on the Morales website:

Mr. Morales came today to clean our outdoor grill that hasn’t been thoroughly cleaned in 15 years. To our astonishment it looks brand new! What a gifted man Mr. Morales is. We will have him on our list of handyman and service people for sure. We recommend him wholeheartedly to anyone looking for help. Thank you Mr. Morales. Great job!

Miguel could easily have pocketed a check for doing unneeded work. But that’s not the way he rolls. And that’s why Miguel Morales is our Unsung Hero of the Week.

But if you think you need your grill cleaned — or any other dryer, heating or AC work — email amoralesandson@yahoo.com, or call 203-583-2465.

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