Photo Challenge #331

Longshore is one of Westport’s crown jewels.

The golf course looks great. The Inn sits handsomely — if under-utilizedly — on a prime piece of Sound-side property.

But plopped in between the 1st tee and the Inn sits a forlorn little traffic island.

That was last week’s Photo Challenge. Al Fiore, Andrew Colabella, Brandon Malin and John Richers all recognized it. Click here for Bob Weingarten’s photo — unless you’d prefer not to be depressed.

This week’s challenge is even more neglected. I can’t imagine the last time anyone bought a paper from this rusted-out kiosk.

As for the $1 price: USA Today raised it to $2.

In 2013.

If you know where in Westport you’d see this sorry sight, click Comments below.

(Photo/Dan Woog)

16 responses to “Photo Challenge #331

  1. Fred Cantor

    Train station?

  2. Train station platform.

  3. Michael Calise

    The Train Station is highly likely. (for the time being)

  4. Jo Ann Flaum

    train station

  5. Seth Braunstein

    At the train station

  6. Allen Duchesneau

    Sherwood Diner

  7. Nancy Engel

    Main post office

  8. Apparently there is a USA Today kiosk at the train station. That was not the one in my photo, however — the image I took was next to the post office, in Playhouse Square. I can’t imagine there were ever a lot of paper sold at that location. Good job, Nancy Engel!

  9. Re: last week’s photo is actually between the 1st tee and the entrance road at Longshore right before the stop sign. Glad to report that someone had straightened out the two white markers earlier this week, perhaps in response to 06880.

    The circle between the 1st tee and entrance to the inn, where the flag pole stands and a fire hydrant sits has its own issues. There are two rusty, half-painted and all askew poles intended to protect the hydrant that have been that way for years. Fresh paint and straightening would certainly improve the setting.

  10. Darcy sledge

    Sherwood Diner?

  11. Mary Surette

    Southbound platform at Westport/Saugatuck train station.

  12. Juliana Sloane Fulbright

    I’m writing about the Audubon Bird Show that last week was told about it your blog, at the Pequot Library. I know you didn’t make the mistake but we wanted to see it and three of us with walker all got in the car and went there. I walked around and nobody was there. So what was the problem can you find out because we were all disappointed we wanted so badly to see them.

  13. Leslie Gransberry

    N Y bound side train station

  14. Peter Swift

    Westport rail road station

  15. Doug Weber

    It’s adjacent to the post office, right?