Unsung Heroes #188

The other day, David and Arlene Squires brought their 3 1/2-year-old grandson Grayson to the Greens Farms fire station.

Like many youngsters, he loves firefighters and trucks. His grandparents live right across Muddy Brook from the station, so when he is in Westport Grayson hears the sirens and sees the flashing lights.

Though the visit was unannounced, the crew went all out for their guests. They were thrilled to see Grayson dressed in uniform.

Grayson with his dad, grandmother and firefighter Tim Izzo. (Photo/David Squires)

David reports that the trucks are shiny, the helmets are heavy — and there were no Dalmatians.

Grayson was shy when he met his heroes. And that’s what they are — whether in action, or making a young boy’s day in between calls.

One response to “Unsung Heroes #188

  1. I can similarly vouch for the generosity of the GF firefighters a couple decades ago when our sons were young, on more than one evening every week. When one of our favorite tandems (Hank and Gary) was reassigned to Coleytown, we would make the trip there, & the welcome was just as warm.