Friday Flashback #240

Jim Marpe will not run for a 3rd term as first selectman.

It’s a 24/7 job. He’s on call every night, for everything: hurricanes, blizzards, fires and floods.

That’s in addition to his daily routine: meetings with department heads, commission chairs and state officials. Phone calls and e-mails. Budget preparation, constituent problems, COVID concerns.

Then there are the ceremonial duties. Marpe carried oversize scissors to scores of ribbon cuttings. He welcomed restaurants, real estate offices, banks and stores to town.

The famous scissors. First Selectman Jim Marpe joined Munoz del Castillo family members and friends at the official opening of Bistro du Soleil, near the train station.

Those are typical ops. But our first selectman also knows how to have fun. Here’s a look back at some of Jim Marpe’s less-typical tasks:

Andy Berman, Police Chief Foti Koskinas and First Selectman Jim Marpe assume the push-up position at a charity event.

Marpe sent an electric car on its way at the 2014 rally. Earlier that year he drove Robin Tauck’s Tesla for a week. He loved it.

Enjoying the 2016 Staples High Pops Concert at Levitt Pavilion.

The first selectman and his wife Mary Ellen volunteered at the Rotary Club’s 2016 Lobster Fest.

In 2016, he also volunteered at First Night.

A gaggle of children joins 1st Selectman Marpe (center), 2nd Selectman Jen Tooker (left) and the Staples Orphenians, counting down before Westport’s 2019 holiday tree lightning ceremony at Town Hall.

5 responses to “Friday Flashback #240

  1. Jim is a great man

  2. J. Scott Broder

    Our town of Westport owes you true accolades for your dedication and many improvements you developed during your two administrations! Thank you and Jen Tooker for a job well done❗️
    Kudos 👏

  3. Tom Feeley Sr.

    Well done Jim🇺🇸

  4. Jim has helped make Westport one of the best places to live, work and play in the United States. Thank you.

  5. We could not have been in better hands during this most difficult of times. Jim’s leadership, focus and extraordinary ability to be in all places at once will make his a tough act to follow.