Photo Challenge #327

When June Rose Whittaker sent a Photo Challenge submission — a colorful shot of letters spelling “Westport,” in a style reminiscent of all those “Greetings From …” postcards — I thought I’d seen it in the alley between Main Street and Bedford Square. (Click here for the image.)

So did the first couple of readers to respond.

But they — and I — were wrong. It hangs (as nearly a dozen folks knew) on the Trader Joe’s wall, just beyond the checkout registers.

Congratulations to Dave Dellinger, Seth Schachter, Deb Alderson, Katie Carmody, Bob Weingarten, Robert W. Mitchell, Cheryl McKenna, Bruce Salvo and Elizabeth Auber.

Yet the Trader Joe’s “postcard” looks very much like the murals downtown. Could they be by the same artist?

If anyone knows who created one (or all) of these uniquely “Westport” works, click “Comments” below.

Which you should also do if you know where in Westport you’d find this week’s Photo Challenge:

(Photo/Patricia McMahon)

10 responses to “Photo Challenge #327

  1. Richard Craig

    It looks like it is near or on the bridge by the old Peter’s bridge , judging from what look like electrical towers at saugatuck satation in the background.

  2. Way to easy… the beach playground

  3. Totney Benson

    Compo beach playground?

  4. Yes, but what it represents is a wheel from the original playground taken down in April 1989 to make room for the first Robert Leathers Community Built playground, then when that wore out and the current one built, this was relocated again to the “new playground”

  5. Andrew Colabella

    Compo beach playground

  6. Compo beach playground

  7. John Richers

    Compo Beach near playground.

  8. The Compo Beach playground is right. Read Rick Benson’s answer above for the back story. I sure didn’t know all that! (Rick is too modest to say that he was one of the driving forces behind the playground, back in the day.)

  9. Christine Barth

    The “Westport” sign in Trader Joe’s was painted by an artist working for Trader Joe’s (not the local store). Her job title was Artist, and she did signs for many of their stores. I don’t know her name, but I am acquainted with some of her family. I doubt she painted any of the other signs around town.

  10. James Weisz

    Compo beach playground