Weekend Osprey Report

Today was a washout, weather-wise.

But yesterday was gorgeous. Carolyn Doan did what she often does, in early spring: She checked out our ospreys, at their nest near Fresh Market. Her report will brighten your day.

“Both were sunning themselves in their favorite pine tree. They seemed very relaxed.

“A small group of fans beneath welcomed them back north. The male has tried mating, but the female pushed him away. My guess is the female wants to rest after her big trip. He’ll have to work harder to impress her by bringing food and home improvement sticks.”

(Photos/Carolyn Doan)

8 responses to “Weekend Osprey Report

  1. Tom Stanford

    Cannot get enough Osprey updates!

  2. Louis Weinberg

    Love this. Thanks Carolyn. Thanks Dan.

  3. Rindy Higgins

    Great news! Over the top photos!

  4. Patricia McMahon

    These images are spectacular .
    Well done Carolyn !!!

  5. Spectacular!!

  6. Susan Hopkins

    WOW! Fabulous photos, Carolyn!

  7. Delightful news! I guess the male will have to do better.

  8. Beautiful raptors. Beautiful photographs.
    Westport is luck to have them. The curious
    Aspect of their location choice is the distance
    From the nearest water. Since the Osprey diet
    Is almost exclusively fish they usual nest with a
    Line of sight to their next meal. Could The Fresh
    Food seafood manager be helping out here?