Unsung Heroes #183

Last week’s Unsung Heroes were all the folks — young and old, family and friends and strangers — who help others schedule COVID vaccine appointments.

This week we honor the men and women who actually give the shots.

They include EMS volunteers, like Westporter Nicole Donovan. She was at the Lord & Taylor parking lot last weekend.

I was there getting my shot. I did not see her — or any other Westport EMS members. But I did see a slew of National Guard folks. The men and women were uniformly polite, well-organized, efficient — even fun.

During my 15-minute wait after the shot — making sure there was no allergic reaction — I bantered with a Guardsman. He’s a mortgage specialist by trade, but he’s worked full time in the Lord & Taylor lot for a couple of months. He appreciates the opportunity to help.

I sure appreciate his work, and that of every other National Guard member, EMT, doctor, nurse and other medical professional who is helping stem the pandemic’s tide.

It’s not easy. They come in contact with hundreds of folks a day, and that puts them at risk. But we would not be safe — and getting safer — every day without them. Thanks for their service!

National Guardsman at the Lord & Taylor vaccine site. (Photo/Dan Woog)


3 responses to “Unsung Heroes #183

  1. Adrian J. LIttle

    I agree Dan – had both shots in Stamford at L&T and the National Guard folk were wonderful – helpful, polite, chatty, on time and well organized – just like Americans used to be and can be again.

  2. Audrey Hertzel

    I had my first shot there last week as well and everyone was so wonderful. I read on a local neighborhood group where someone suggested to bring some cookies, coffee, etc. to the the workers. I brought 100 Dunkin’ Munchkins and a Box of Joe for some of the workers to share and they couldn’t have been more appreciative. I’m hoping more do the same and spread the word to others! 🙂

  3. Yep, Got my 2nd (painless) shot there today and thanked all the national guards i spoke with, it was really inspiring to see them and how well organized, helpful, and kind they were. Didn’t realize our own Westport EMS were there too! It was a great feeling to see everyone working together.