Got The Vaccine? Tell The World!

COVID canceled the 2020 Maker Faire Connecticut. It may do the same this year.

But Makers are creative, resourceful and nimble.

And not just with their annual showcase of all things scientific, environmental, magical and cool.

As Makers picked up on all the vaccine buzz — and noticed how eager folks are to let others know they’ve gotten the shot — they had their own Archimedes “Eureka!” moment.

Quickly, they created 9 pins in 2 sizes for people to buy, wear, and show their commitment to eliminating the virus.

But wait! There’s more! All proceeds help fund Remarkable STEAM — Maker Faire’s parent organization.

In true Westport Maker fashion, the pins were all designed — and made by hand — here.

Remarkable STEAM offers “06880” readers a 25% discount on all pins. Just click this link.

COVID vaccine pins “make” great gifts for friends, relatives, employees, customers — anyone who is vaccinated, in fact. For quantity pricing and other questions, contact Mark Mathias by phone (203-226-1791) or email:

Remarkable, indeed!

3 responses to “Got The Vaccine? Tell The World!

  1. Tom Feeley Sr.

    Can’t get the 25% discount 👻any suggestions ?

  2. Call me. My contact information is in Dan’s post.

  3. Tom Feeley Sr

    Thanks Mark…this time the link worked perfectly ‼️
    PICNIC. problem in chair not in computer 😂🇺🇸