Pic Of The Day #1428

Photographer Katherine Bruan’s father. She says: “He’s been kicking like that since he was a teenager. He’d hang out on the corner in Brooklyn and knock his friends’ cigarettes out of “their mouths! Check out his Instagram. Kicking_grandpa”

7 responses to “Pic Of The Day #1428

  1. Dan, I got a kick out of him.

  2. Now that is a kick

  3. Vanessa Bradford


  4. OMG! He kills me! I wish I could kick past knee height! He’s truly amazing at over 70! Keep on kicking’ Tony!

  5. Alexandra Hooper

    Wow! 77 years young!

  6. I’ll bet he’s Ralph Macchio fan *Star of the Karate Kid.

  7. Super Impressuve! And wonderful beach shot too!!

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