Pic Of The Day #1428

Photographer Katherine Bruan’s father. She says: “He’s been kicking like that since he was a teenager. He’d hang out on the corner in Brooklyn and knock his friends’ cigarettes out of “their mouths! Check out his Instagram. Kicking_grandpa”

7 responses to “Pic Of The Day #1428

  1. Jack Backiel

    Dan, I got a kick out of him.

  2. Jeffrey Ruden

    Now that is a kick

  3. Vanessa Bradford


  4. Sue Dinielli

    OMG! He kills me! I wish I could kick past knee height! He’s truly amazing at over 70! Keep on kicking’ Tony!

  5. Alexandra Hooper

    Wow! 77 years young!

  6. Richard Vogel

    I’ll bet he’s Ralph Macchio fan *Star of the Karate Kid.

  7. Super Impressuve! And wonderful beach shot too!!