COVID Vaccine, Restriction Rollback Update:

State Senator Will Haskell offers this COVID-19 update:

Connecticut this week received 39,000 doses of the new Johnson & Johnson vaccine, in addition to the thousands of Moderna and Pfizer doses already being distributed on a regular basis. The Johnson & Johnson vaccine is safe, effective, and requires only 1 injection, so we’ll be able to accelerate the rate of immunization significantly in the coming weeks and months.

Currently, 74 percent of state residents over the age of 75 have received at least 1 dose of the vaccine; 59 percent between 65 and 74 have received at least 1 dose, and 17 percent between 55 and 64 have received at least 1 dose. I’m proud that we’ve administered over 1 million vaccine doses.

In light of our vaccination success and the overall decline of COVID-19 cases, Governor Lamont has also announced the rollback of certain social distancing restrictions beginning March 19th, including the full capacity reopening of indoor restaurants.

These new restrictions reflect that we’re moving closer to a fully reopened economy. In the meantime, it is important that all employees and customers continue to wear masks, stay 6feet apart, and wash their hands frequently. The more we do those things, the more likely it is that we will be able to fully reopen and put this pandemic behind us in the near future.

7 responses to “COVID Vaccine, Restriction Rollback Update:

  1. Ray Wilhelm

    This is news we have been waiting for, but isn’t it premature? Didn’t we just hear from the CDC that we’re still in an emergency situation? So let’s not drop our guard for the convenience of “getting back to normal.” Let’s be smart enough to get through this as healthy as we were when the virus first arrived.

  2. Senator Haskell — as the world opens up there is important legislation in front of you that will make ALL CT. BEACHES OPEN TO THE PUBLIC FOR FREE – including ALL WESTPORT BEACHES (Compo, Old Mill, Burying Hill)…. how are you and the other Congress folks who serve our area (Rep, Steinberg….) going to protect Westport? Taxes HAVE TO MEAN SOMETHING and be representative of the WANTS AND NEEDS of your constituents.

  3. James Waldron

    Senator Haskell, keep the momentum you’ve initiated to legalize marijuana. We can use the dope tax to ‘protect Westport ‘. Unless we get the cannons at Compo functioning again.

  4. Matthew Mandell

    Just want everyone to understand what the easing of restrictions for restaurants means. All Covid protocols are still in effect. This means 6′ still must remain between the back of chairs at tables, plastic must still be used at bars where people are eating and masks must be worn, unless eating. So while they can go to 100%, physically it will be tough for them to get there. But this is a step toward normalcy.

    The Governor stressed that eating outdoors is of course a safe option, especially as the weather warms. He asked all towns to continue to allow expanded rules for their restaurants to accomplish this. Our P&Z will meet next Thursday on this exact issue. I am sure they will extend the flexibility of having outdoor dining during the pandemic. Hopefully they will extend much of it permanently once this is all over.

    As an aside. Even if you have been vaccinated, please continue to wear your masks. The Governor said we should double down and wear two.

  5. Gloria Gouveia

    It appears that our leaders face the challenge of satisfying two factions with conflicting objectives. The business community needs relief from COVID driven limitations to survive economically and the population in general requires the security provided by vaccinations and CDC compliant behavior to survive the virus.
    Eventually, the two objectives will meet in the middle, but until then (a point in time likely just weeks away), we will all be walking a tightrope between the health of the economy and the health of the people who drive it.
    To quote a well-known Fairfield County resident, objects in the rearview mirror may appear closer than they are. We are close to the finish line. Let us not yet abandon caution in the name of profit.

  6. Openings? Now? Are we Texans?

  7. Irene Mastriacovo

    Thanks for the update Dan. Do we know if the state restrictions are still in place whereby it’s OK to travel to/from NY NJ RI only without having to self-quarantine?