Roundup: Restaurants, Art Portfolios, More


A reader was excited by “06880” stories on the new restaurants that have opened recently in Westport, and others that are coming soon.

She says: “We look forward to trying them all as soon as we get our second COVID shot. Can you suggest to the new places that they offer incentives to those of us who have had both shots to come inside and celebrate — maybe a new kind of Early Bird Special?”

Done! And not just for new restaurants, either. As we emerge from the depths of the pandemic, perhaps some special promotions will encourage diners to go back inside.

At the same time, with the weather slowly getting better (though not today): Don’t forget about all the outside dining options too too.

In fact, on March 11 the Planning & Zoning Commission will consider continuing its temporary outdoor dining regulations.

Outdoor dining on and around Church Lane, last summer. (Photo/Dan Woog)


MoCA’s high school art portfolio workshop — postponed earlier this month due to weather — has been rescheduled for Sunday, March 14 (noon to 3 p.m.).

The session provides information for students applying to college and other programs. It includes lectures, slide presentations, Q-and-A and individual portfolio reviews (up to 5 samples).

The cost is $75. Click here to register. For more information, email


Discovered yesterday by Nico Eisenberger in his garden: snowbells!

(Photo/Nico Eisenberger)


On the other hand, there’s still tons — literally — of snow in the Imperial Avenue parking lot.

Today’s rain will make only a small dent in this.

(Photo/Amy Schneider)


And finally … Happy 40th birthday, Josh Groban!

3 responses to “Roundup: Restaurants, Art Portfolios, More

  1. Rescind the regulations Open the restaurants✅🇺🇸

  2. Mary Ann Batsell

    Nico Eisenberger those are snow drops, galanthus nivalis
    They start blooming in January often under the snow.

  3. Let’s not look for early bird specials. Restaurants can’t afford to cut their prices with such limited capacity. It’s tough enough to break even now without having to worry about not getting a fair price for a quality meal.