Pic Of The Day #1399

Gloria, in Gray’s Creek (Photo/John Videler for Videler Photography)

5 responses to “Pic Of The Day #1399

  1. Pretty picture, but why can we not get rid of this eyesore, Gloria!!

    • To Mr Videler fantastic photo

      To Mr Ostbye
      This isn’t an eyesore to long time New England’s 47 plus years. This is Mr Sterling’s oyster and clam boat. The last fisherman in Westport. It’s a reminder of times past.
      The boat is named after his beloved wife Gloria
      RIP Mr and Mrs Sterling.

  2. As long as it is environmentally safe its a great relic to see. I hope the oil and fuel lines have been drained and the engine removed and that it has been cleared of any debris.

  3. Hanne Jeppesen

    Alan Sterling was a good friend of mine, one of the first Westporter’s I met when I arrived as an au pair from Denmark in Dec. 1966. He was kind, supportive and a loyal friend we stayed friends for awhile even after I moved to NYC in 1969, I didn’t know about Gloria the boat or Gloria his wife, I’m glad he found someone, so I vote for leaving the boat where it is, it is a nice memorial to Alan and his craft.

  4. Suzanne Wilson

    A Valentine to Alan Sterling. It’s poignant to remember him and his contribution to the history and character of Westport. He happily and patiently posed for many of the Westport artists, was always a go-to helper for “heavy lifting”, and if you were lucky you might find a paper bag of squeaky-fresh oysters on your doorstep.