Elementary School Singers Stand By Us

Around the world, the coronavirus has robbed choruses and choirs of live performances.

Staples High School brought joy during the holidays, with a virtual Candlelight Concert.

Inspired and excited, Westport’s elementary school music staff decided to produce a song of their own.

It was quite an undertaking. Fourth and 5th graders from all 5 elementary schools attended “virtual chorus” before school.

They took “virtual lessons” from Backtrack Vocals — a company that Greens Farms teacher Suzanne Sherman Propp found through Staples grad Danielle Merlis.

Each youngster then recorded videos in their own home.

“Most kids join chorus to sing in a group with harmony — not by themselves,” Propp notes. “But we got some amazing footage of wonderful singing.”

She’s not kidding.

The instructors chose “Stand By Me,” to fit the “America’s Voices” theme of this year’s Westport Youth Arts Collaborative — formerly called the Youth Concert — run by Staples grad and current band teacher Candi Innaco.

The Candlelight Concert is the Staples music department’s gift to the town. Here — just in time for Valentine’s Day — is the elementary school musicians’ gift of love. Click here to enjoy. (The older folks are Backtrack Vocals backup singers.)

(Teachers include Colleen Cooney, Ellen Hardy, Kerry Kohlun, Amy Laurino, Barbara Maisonpierre, Brian Muller, Suzanne Sherman Propp and Jacqueline Sugrue-Tait. The townwide music supervisor is Steve Zimmerman. Funding came from First County Bank and the 5 Westport elementary school PTAs.)

12 responses to “Elementary School Singers Stand By Us

  1. That was awesome!

  2. This is wonderful! So much talent in such little kids! Our kids are good examples of resilience. We should all take note. A joy to listen to.

  3. Mary Schmerker

    Amazing and wonderful. Thank you all…….

  4. A great way to start every day!!

  5. Hoping these students enjoyed making this as much as I enjoyed listening. I believe so as evidenced by the smiling faces!

  6. David Abrams Burr Farms, Coley Town Jr, Staples '74

    Wow. Just, Wow. Nicely done, teachers and students.

  7. Luisa Francoeur

    What a terrific performance! It brought tears to my eyes. Bravo to everyone!!

  8. Awesome! Fabulous job. Congrats to all involved!

  9. Brilliant!

  10. So calming. Thanks!

  11. Job well done! A great solution to Sing–as Ms. Propp says–Daily.