Roundup: Light Up Westport, Shoveling, “We The People,” More


First Selectman Jim Marpe and 2nd Selectman Jen Tooker helped “Light up Westport” yesterday at Town Hall (photo below).

They were not alone.

Dozens of others bought luminaries to send a message of hope and resilience — and raise money for Filling in the Blanks, the non-profit that provides weekend meals to needy area residents.

The event was sponsored by WestportMoms and Purpose 2 Purchase.

(Photo courtesy of Town of Westport)


At the end of yesterday’s Roundup item reminding commercial property owners that they are responsible for all snow and ice removal from their sidewalks, I noted that residential homeowners must do the same.

That’s true in Westport, Wisconsin — but not Westport, Connecticut. Homeowners only are off the hook.

Still, it wouldn’t hurt.

And don’t forget to shovel your hydrants!


Boat purchases have risen during the pandemic. There’s a wait list of more than 1,000 people — and they’re waiting up to 11 years for a slip at a town marina.

And those slip fees will rise in 2022.

Yesterday, the Board of Selectmen approved increases for boats in 4 categories. For examples, owners of boats 22 to 26 feet will pay $1,580, up from $1,505; boat owners of slips 35 to 40 feet will pay $3,099, up from $2,695.

There is no increase for slips less than 21 feet.

Ned Dimes Marina, at Compo Beach (Drone photo/Brandon Malin)


Congratulations to Staples High School’s “We the People” team.

For the 2nd year in a row, teacher/advisor/coach Suzanne Kammerman and her crew took 1st place in the state competition.

For the 2nd year in a row, they knocked out longtime powerhouse Trumbull High.

For the 2nd year in a row, their championship earns them a place in the national contest, this April.

And for the 2nd year in a row, they don’t get a traditional trip to Washington for nationals. Once again, this year’s event will be virtual.

Last year, the team placed 5th in the US. This time around, they’re gunning this year for the top spot.

State champs!


From today through Saturday (February 13), Winged Monkey will donate 15% of all proceeds to CLASP Homes, the great non-profit that supports adults with developmental disabilities.

Can’t make it in, but want to help? Text Valentines to 44-321 to make a donation.

Basso restaurant is also participating. Show a Winged Monkey receipt; they’ll give you a free glass of prosecco.

And more on Winged Monkey: The popular Post Road East shop celebrates its 25th anniversary on March 1. That’s appropriate: March is Women’s History Month.

Winged Monkey has a great history in town. It’s always been woman-owned. Jenny Vogel has now taken over from her mother, who founded the business and ran it all this time.  

Here’s to the next 25 years, for one of the coolest — and best named — stores anywhere!


“When Caged Birds Sing” — a human rights teaching exhibition created by Westport artist Ann Weiner — has been acquired by MoCA Westport for its permanent collection. It is thte museum’s first such acquisition.

Weiner’s work features 8 life-size sculptures. They represent women’s rights activists who suffered and survived abuse because of their gender, and continue to advocate for the rights of others at risk.

The exhibition will be on view at MoCA Westport every 3 to 5 years. In between it will be loaned to other museums.

Click here to learn more about “When Caged Birds Sing.”

Ann Weiner, with one element of “When Caged Birds Sing.”


Roberta Seret is a United Nations NGO director and NYU film professor. Now the Westporter adds another title: author.

Her book “Gift of Diamonds” will be published February 23. She’s turned government secrets and stories from Romania into fiction, for a journey of self-discovery.

The history of Bucharest Jews forms the center of the story, which begins in 1960s Transylvania. “Gift of Diamons” reveals hidden secrets of how fascism led to communism — which formed the seeds of modern-day terrorism. Click here for more information.


And finally … on this day in 1534, Henry VIII was recognized as supreme head of the Church of England. You know what’s coming …

3 responses to “Roundup: Light Up Westport, Shoveling, “We The People,” More

  1. Robbie Guimond

    11 years for town slip is crazy, id do a much closer look into existing long time users. I’ve have heard of “subletting” and even a few who continue to keep boats slipped even thou they have moved to surrounding areas. Its a “Good ol boys” club with room for improvement. The other issue is the 100+ slips north of the bridge that stay empty and maybe look into a small “simple” town dock at riverside park plenty of room and long ago that area had a fair amount of slips , Maybe someone from that era can confirm.

  2. Elizabeth Thibault

    The problem is, we all have less time in our lives and you can get on the water quickly from the town marinas. It would take us 10 to 15 minutes to get to the sound from the slips up the river, depending on the tide. At low tide, it’s hard getting into the bay, because there is like a foot and a half of clearance from the river. If you only have an hour to get out for a dinner cruise, you don’t want to spend half that time going up and down the river.

    Considering we were paying almost $4k for a slip behind Bridge St market in 2004, the town marinas (Ned Dimes and Longshore,) are an absolute deal.
    The marinas are well administered and the Parks & Rec staff do a wonderful job getting new boaters in. It took 3 years for our names to come up, and we had a much longer time estimate. (Your address is verified and if you move, they know.). The marinas are clean, safely maintained, offer fuel, ice and helpful assistance when needed, and they monitor the docks to ensure there are no accidents or “explorers” on other peoples boats.

    Out of all the municipal services offered by the town, the marina would be the least that is deserving of claims of mismanagement.

    • Robbie Guimond

      respectfully but 1000 names on the list is longer then a 3 year wait back in 08.
      Maybe im off but I find the river views stunning with the lovely homes and sense of small town, I actually miss the lobster boats and a few pots under 95.

      I have to agree whole heartedly ,we have two great marinas, both are clean and neat and the rates are a deal. but when you read on FB that a guy got his spot thru craigslist at compo and another guy tells you he moved but still slips in town it makes you wonder.

      i’ve had at least a dozen slip inquires since last spring maybe even more …. id say an additional 20 25 slips for the under 25′ crowed would fill in a week take minimal effort and upkeep, they discussed a fire house at riverside park , maybe a public space with a desirable water use.