Roundup: Sidewalks, Masks, Climate Change, More


It’s been 3 days since Sunday’s beautiful — but big — snowfall. Have you shoveled yet?

It’s the law!

The Department of Public Works reminds all commercial property owners that they are responsible for all snow and ice removal from the sidewalk within the town and/or state rights-of-way — for the total frontage of your property, and the entire width of the sidewalk.

You can be fined up to $90 — a day — for non-compliance.

And, reader Kristin Schneeman notes, homeowners are also responsible for clearing sidewalks in front of their properties.

Many are still inaccessible. So stop reading, and start shoveling.

Or get your kid to do it.

From 2016. Although you wouldn’t have know if I hadn’t told you (Photos/Tracy Yost)


Looking for a family activity that is both fun (s’mores!), healthy (take a hike!) and educational (what kind of animal makes which kind of tracks?).

Earthplace’s “Family Campfire” on Sunday, February 21 (1 to 2:30 p.m.) sounds great. Each family is assigned its own picnic table (bring your own roasting sticks).

The cost is $25 for member families, $30 for non-members. To register, call 203-557-4400 weekdays, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.


Westport Masks is scaling back. But — because everyone still needs to wear them (!!!!!!!!!) — volunteers will still be making them.

They’re no longer selling masks. But with plenty of supplies on hand, they’ll be donating them to people who cannot afford masks.

If you know of a community or charity desperate for masks — or if you can donate unused, good quality, pre-washed 100% cotton fabric — email (Hat tip: Virginia Jaffe)


Climate change is here. It’s real. So what can you do?

First, read David Pogue’s new book: “How to Prepare for Climate Change.”

Then, register for his virtual Westport Library on the topic (February 23, 7 p.m.).

Pogue — a local resident — will discuss all the basics: what to grow and eat, how to build and insure, where to invest, even where to consider relocating.

Pogue will also provide tips on managing your anxiety, and riding out the inevitable superstorms, wildfires, epidemics and tick bites.

Click here to register.


Each year, Staples Tuition Grants awards over 100 need-based scholarships — worth up to $6,000 each — to high school seniors, and graduates already in college. Students can apply even if they did not apply or receive a grant in previous years.

It’s one of the best opportunities for college funding anywhere. But the deadline is near: March 7. Click here for more information, and to apply.


And finally … Mary Wilson — a founding member of the Supremes and who sang on 10 of their 12 Number One hits — died on Monday in Nevada. She was 76.

Two days ago, she announced she’d be releasing new material soon. We’ll always remember her for songs like these:

10 responses to “Roundup: Sidewalks, Masks, Climate Change, More

  1. Another law is snow removal from one’s vehicle! There are still lazy, irresponsible motorists out there with snow on their vehicles. The drivers traveling behind them can be blinded when snow & ice from the offending motorists hits their windshield.

  2. Are churches responsible for shoveling their sidewalks?

  3. Since when are non commercial property owners on the hook for shoveling sidewalks? And while we’re on the subject, the town still hasn’t cleared the Myrtle sidewalks of snow from the previous storm.

  4. Werner Liepolt

    Dan, i think you may have trapped Ms. Schneeman in a Ground Hog Day type loop that you started four years ago…

    Westport, WI requires home owner snow clearance… not so here.

    • Ha! Thanks for, um, setting our RTM d9 rep straight Werner.

    • Thanks, Werner. I’ll post a correction in tomorrow’s Roundup. I should start reading “06880”!

    • Kristin Schneeman

      Apologies from this “not-so-alert 06880 reader” for getting my facts wrong! Must have been remembering my homeowner responsibilities from a locale prior to Westport. It sure would be nice if folks made the effort, if they’re able, however, in the interest of public safety!

      • Werner Liepolt

        No apology necessary. Maybe the RTM could help DPW increase (at least temporarily?) its sidewalk clearing capacity?

  5. Scott Falciglia

    I called public works and they said they are just busy clearing roads and commercial sidewalk areas. With the new high school area sidewalk and all the snow they probably are operating with the same resources and just falling behind. It would seem we’d need to ask the town to allocate more resources toward residential sidewalks, especially with the increase in use since Covid. So I guess that’s a budget vote?
    Also residents are not required to clean in front of their houses.

    • Seems to me, residents should simply pitch in; 10-20 minutes on the part of each homeowner would make a huge difference throughout 06880. Or even ask a neighboring teen to help out & offer him/her $.