Staples Interns Need You!

Staples High School’s Internship Program is a win-win-win.

Every spring, talented and eager seniors leave school 4 weeks before graduation. They spend the final month out in the real world.

They work everywhere: retail stores, salons, restaurants, non-profits, medical offices, financial firms, design shops, farms, marketing companies, photography studios, publishers … you name it. If there’s a job to be learned and done, they do it.

(And not just in Westport. Interns head to New York City — even beyond.)

During their internship with a builder of energy-efficient luxury homes, Josh Berman and Teddy Lawrence worked on spreadsheets and handled social media. They also did lots of manual labor.

The work and real life experience they gain is invaluable. The energy, creativity — and help — they bring to the workplace is huge. And the internships get them out of high school at a time when senioritis would otherwise kick in (that’s the third “win”).

But as hard as they work, the program coordinators work equally hard right now arranging 450 or so internships.

So they’re asking the greater “06880” community: Can you help?

Do you need a senior (or two, or three) for daily onsite (or remote) work? Perhaps you’re beefing up your social media presence. Or looking for research help, design work, web content, data entry. Or hundreds of other tasks.

Colin McKechnie and Hallie Lavin capped their internship with a caterer by throwing a delicious party.

You can be a small, medium or large size firm– or a single proprietor. Maybe you were an intern once yourself, and want to give back.

Internships begins May 17. Students are expected to work 5 hours a day for 3-4 weeks, onsite, remotely or in a hybrid model. Program leaders provide guidance and oversight.

If interested, or to learn more, email program directors Michelle Howard and Denise Pearl:

Alice Sardinian with a young patient at a pediatrician’s office.


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  1. Thank you for the heads up on this opportunity. I sent an email today to work with a SHS intern.