Photo Challenge #318

Last week’s Photo Challenge was like the Bernie meme: It showed up everywhere.

People thought the photo of a lonely looking fence — 2 sections surrounded by empty space, protecting nothing — was all over town.

The Wakeman athletic fields, North Compo Little League diamonds, Longshore lower parking lot, back of Town Hall, Imperial Avenue lot — so many places that poor fence could be.

The photographer’s name — Lou Weinberg — should have given it away, though. He’s the chair of Westport’s Community Gardens.

That’s the big, beautiful space just south of Long Lots Elementary School. Coincidentally, it’s the former site of the Jaeger family greenhouses — but Jalna Jaeger says the fence was not there when they owned the property.

It’s where families with little children, folks in their 80s and everyone in between grows fruit, vegetables, flowers, herbs and grasses, in all kinds of designs and configurations.

And where, presumably, they all marvel at the wonders and mysteries of life — including this gate to nowhere. (Click here to see.)

Correct answers came from Diane Bosch, Elaine Marino, Joyce Barnhart, Bronwyn Cousins and Phil Rubin. Like everyone else — green and kiss-of-death thumbs alike — they anxiously await the arrival of spring.

In the meantime, if you know where in Westport you’d see this week’s Photo Challenge, click “Comments” below.

(Photo/Rich Stein)

5 responses to “Photo Challenge #318

  1. Looks like the back of one of the lifeguard chairs at Compo, (that are put away for the winter).

  2. Possibly a lifeguard chair stored at Compo.

  3. Andrew Colabella

    Lifeguard stand chair one for compo, probably placed at soundview in the corner along the fence.

  4. Good work, Dan, Fred and Andrew. You know your beach! Yes, this is “one” of the lifeguard chairs, stored now for the winter at the Soundview lot. Well done!.

  5. Carol Brezovec

    Lifeguard chair (#1) in the Soundview parking lot at Compo beach.