Ling And Lamb Discover Mexica

Back in 2009, the Food Network featured the Black Duck on its “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives” show.

Millions of Americans learned about Westport’s favorite barge. More than a decade later, folks still detour off I-95 to find it.

Ling and Lamb’s audience is not as big. But with over 60,000 YouTube subscribers, they’re substantial.

The tagline is “American wifey + Nigerian husband experiencing each other’s culture.” Topics range from their new apartment and fashion to Christmas.

The other day, they came here.

“We just discovered a Mexican restaurant in Westport, Connecticut, USA” is the title.

Ling and Lamb at Mexica.

It’s one of the reasons you click on random videos. 99 may be ridiculous. But the 100th is a gem.

That’s how Ling and Lamb feel about Mexica. They heard about the new spot on Post Road West (site of the former Señor Salsa). They brought their camera, their smiles and their appetites.

They were not disappointed.

And you won’t be disappointed by the video.

The couple banters easily with each other, and with the owner. (“If you don’t like the food, you don’t have to pay,” he says. “If you like it, you pay double.” Lamb loves that line.)

They film themselves ordering their drinks and meal. Ling explains some of the ingredients to Lamb (he does not like the cactus). They admire the beautiful decor.

Every chair is specially hand-crafted and painted.

They do exactly what you should do at a leisurely meal: They enjoy themselves.

Check out the video below. With over 34,000 views in a week, it’s well worth the 17 minutes.

Then go to Mexica for the real thing.

(Hat tip: Hedi Lieberman)

3 responses to “Ling And Lamb Discover Mexica

  1. This looks amazing. I may have to drive from Westchester for take out! Your treat Dan?

  2. I’m thrilled that there is a great restaurant there again. And I know that I’m a dinosaur, but since when is it appropriate for men to wear a hat when dining inside at a restaurant?