GoFundMe Page Honors Timari Rivera

COVID has prevented the Staples High School boys basketball team from being together on the court.

But they and their parents have come together to help the family of Timari Rivera, their teammate was died suddenly Sunday night.

A GoFundeMe page has been set up by the Staples Boys Basketball Association, to help Timari’s family with funeral and other costs.

Wrecker captains Lucas Basich, Sean Clarke and Derek Sale write:

Timari was an inspiration. He was a passionate student of the game and a leader on and off the court. Timari loved being part of Wreckers basketball and was happier cheering on and encouraging his teammates than celebrating his own personal success. Timari Rivera was a big man with an even bigger heart.

In memory of Timari, we are asking for donations to help his family through this difficult time.

Click here to contribute.

Timari Rivera


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