Candlelight Vigil For Timari Rivera

Relatives, teammates, classmates and friends from Westport and Bridgeport mourned Timari Rivera last night.

A candlelight vigil at Longshore paid tribute to the Staples High School senior. He died Sunday at home, from a recurrence of a medical condition.

He was best known at Staples for his basketball talents. After being sidelined as a sophomore with a health issue, Rivera captained last year’s junior varsity, and also saw varsity time.

An ankle injury cut that season short too. Head coach Colin Devine had big plans for the 6-7 senior this year. The season has not yet started, due to COVD-19.

Dave Ruden, whose Ruden Report covers FCIAC sports, lauded Rivera’s “lovable disposition and tireless work ethic.”

Devine told the Ruden Report: “He was a very, very good basketball player, a great teammate, a beloved member of our basketball family and the entire Staples High School community.

“He was a gentle giant with a great heart and loved his teammates, loved the game of basketball and was a true student of the game.”

Timari Rivera wore #44. His Staples basketball teammates hold up 4 fingers on each hand.

Staples senior Dylan Goodman took these photos of the vigil for her classmate. Click here for more images; click here for the full Ruden Report story.

Making the “L” hand sign, for “love.”

(Photos/Dylan Goodman)

5 responses to “Candlelight Vigil For Timari Rivera

  1. Adam Vengrow

    this just stinks, such a well mannered great kid. feel terrible for his teammates and friends. it has been a cruel year for high schoolers, can only hope they all realize the importance of strength and perseverance through adversity. condolences from the town to his family.

  2. Jacque O'Brien

    A wonderful post about the meaning of “team, family and community” without prejudice or discrimination. I hope our young people will lead the way.
    Also great pictures Dylan!

  3. Debby Oestreicher

    This is a ghastly loss for the family and friends, teammates. However, masks off, lack of social distance may result in more loss. Please be careful always.

    • James Waldron

      Debby, I’m sure your condolences are well meant and sincere. A child has passed away. There was no need for your passive/agressive reply. Although this is the first time I’ve heard of Timari, something tells me he would have made a difference in this world. My condolences to his family.

      Dylan, yes, great photos. Thank you.

  4. My son loss a good great friend. I’m so greatful for the community that showed all the love and respect to the family and the children going through this lost at this this time.

    I’m up most disturbed by whomever disturbed the placement that rest down as departure of tranquility for them to go back as they needed to see fit.

    Any human being knows that a place as such is not to be disturbed for a while.