Sean Gallagher Supports Small Businesses — With A Marine Corps Twist

US Naval Academy and 2011 Staples High School grad Sean Gallagher transitioned out of the Marine Corps in May, after 5 years as an infantry officer.

The Marines taught him how to handle adversity — and the importance of leaning on teammates in tough times.

These are tough times for small businesses, he says. All across the country, COVID means they need help.

Gallagher and his wife Emma are helping. To draw attention — and raise funds — he’ll run a marathon. It’s set for February 6, around Central Park’s outer loop (4+ full laps).

But that’s too easy for the former Staples soccer and track star. So he’ll do it wearing a 35-pound Marine Corps “ruck” (backpack).

Sean Gallagher, leading his troops.

“Rucks teach Marines how to handle adversity with grit and determination — the same qualities necessary for small businesses to survive,” Gallagher says.

He’s set up a GoFundMe page. All funds will go to small businesses through the Barstool Sports Fund. Click here to donate.

Now fill a backpack with 35 pounds of rocks (or anything else). Then imagine running a marathon with it strapped to your back.

You’ll probably donate a lot more.

6 responses to “Sean Gallagher Supports Small Businesses — With A Marine Corps Twist

  1. You were a beast when you played, and a true leader… Not a surprise you head into this battle head on and then some… Your example gives me faith that we will have a future with people like you cutting the the path. Good luck Sean…

    • Sean M Gallagher

      Thanks Rich! I appreciate the support brother!

      • Congrats Sean, and thank you for your service. El Presidente is changing the game with help from people like you. I donated to the Barstool Fund and will certainly donate to yours.

        Stay safe and thank you again.

  2. Babette A Lienhard

    Sounds like a very worthy cause and I enthusiastically applaud Sean’s efforts. As with any charity to which I donate, I would like to know the percentage that goes directly to the cause and the percentage of the administrative costs. Please advise. Thanks.

    • Sean M Gallagher

      Hi Babette, thanks for your note. GoFundMe will use 2.9% of funds raised for the administration of running their crowdfunding platform. As the organizer, I have zero administrative costs and 100% of the funds I receive will be donated to small businesses (less the 2.9% used for the administration of GoFundMe). Thank you for your support!

  3. Katie P Augustyn

    Awesome – way to go, Sean!