Roundup: F. Scott And Zelda, Christmas Scenes, More

New York Adventure Club is headed to the ‘burbs.

A special webinar on January 14 (5:30 p.m. to 7 p.m.) brings viewers — from anywhere in the world — to Westport. The topic F. Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald’s summer here.

Robert Steven Williams — director of “Gatsby in Connecticut,” one of the New Yorker’s best films of 2020 — will talk about the author’s background; an overview of Westport in the 1920s (Prohibition was not always prohibitive), and the town’s influence on The Great Gatsby. He’ll share video clips too, and never-before-seen photos of Westport and New York from the ’20s.

Williams hosts a Q-and-A afterward too. Click here for tickets. (They include access to the full replay for one week.) (Hat tip: Debbie Hoult)

The sun broke through (very) briefly late yesterday afternoon. Here’s how one person spent Christmas:

(Photo/Pippa Bell Ader)

Also seen yesterday:

Mark Mathias reports that a hawk visited his backyard, and landed on the bird feeder.  “S(he) regularly fluffed his feathers and looked around, presumably waiting for his Christmas stocking … or a snack,” Mark says.

“Upon flying away, the smaller birds quickly came back to our bird feeder. We saw the hawk again later in the afternoon, when the other birds understandably made themselves scarce. Made a pretty interesting sight.”

(Photo/Mark Mathias)

And K.T. Oslin — a “pioneering country singer-songwriter whose biggest hits gave voice to the desires and trials of female baby boomers on the cusp of middle age” — died Monday. She was 78. Causes of death were Parkinson’s and COVID.

Her biggest hits included “’80s Ladies” — called “an anthem for a generation of women” by the New York Times — and “Do Ya,” a “poignant meditation … on the ebb and flow of midlife vulnerability and desire.”

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